Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hodge Podge

This was my pansies from last year.  We couldn't find any plants that looked good this year.  We have mostly the ornamental kale that is pretty.  Still plants from the summer.  Our winter has not been bad enough to freeze much.  Some of the farmers are getting their spring garden ready.  I am anxiously waiting for my strawberries to make.  I see plenty of blooms and a  little fruit on them.  We did them the old fashion way ~ with straw.  Next year we are going to put down the black plastic. 

We finally have one rooster crowing, 2 hens laying and 6 or 7 more hens to start.  We had more roosters than we thought, so Silas gave all but one away.  We still have plenty hens for us. when they all start laying.
The rooster we chose to keep is black with iridescent  feathers.  We are trying to find a suitable name for him.  Since we got the extra roosters out we have peace in the hen house.  Too many bosses tend to create chaos.

I am trying to get to my sewing room to work on quilt tops but seems my back won't let me sit for long.
I did a couple pot holders and dish clothes.  I had several tops that were a heavier jersey.  I had put them in the  trash pile.  I  looked at them and decided to see what i could do with them.  I cut the front and back
bottom and doubled the material and serge the outside.  It made two nice size dish clothes.  Then I cut the trim off.  Thought I would save it maybe to go on a tote bag.  I had stretchy pieces left so I cut them in strips and put them in my husbands bag he uses to tie stuff with.  Bow, how is that for recycling? 

So ~ instead of throwing everything away when you are cleaning out~ see if you can use it for something so simple as dish cloths or pot holders or dish clothes. 

Have a blessed day.                               


Barbara said...

Pretty Pansies, yes we have that problem here too, they are not all that nice this year. Our garden is still going great, our cabbage is ready to pick, and we picked and put up our broccoli and greens, our radish crop was a good one, almost gone now, still some purple top turnips left, about ready to pick too, and my strawberries has blooms on them, a few pretty large berries on some also, our winter has been very mild this year, and only a couple of freezes, no hard freezes here, my dh had a tarp and light over the garden when it was needed, we did not loose a thing, amen, God sure has blessed. Good post sweetie and hope you have a great day.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

The pansies are really pretty. They were my father's favorite flower. Your sewing sounds really nice as well! Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aliene,
Sorry to hear that your back is bothering you. Praying for God to heal you completely!
Now there is probably a great Bible lesson buried somewhere in your story about all the chaos with so many roosters in the house (ha ha).
As for reading about your plants having blooms and doing so well - that is just strange for me to fathom. Up here we're still in the midst of snow coming down. We typically won't see plant life growing until usually mid-late April.
I'm all for recycling used stuff too. How fun to make dish cloths - never thought of that!
Have a great day my friend. I'm praying for you.

momto8 said...

the colors of your pansies are beautiful! IO am ready to see color again!
I am your 100th follower!
Pls follow back if you can.

Rochelle said...

Thank you for the comments you left on my blog - I appreciate it! :) I'm sorry to hear that you have Fibro too. The triggers for each person are different, it's such an individualized illness. :( One thing that works for one doesn't always work for the other. I'm glad you have found a good chiropractor too, I just got back from mine today and it was soooo helpful!!! :) Many blessings to you & I look forward to getting to know you!

DeanO said...

Sage advice and beautiful flowers - My wife and I are considering a garden this year...never to old to learn something new. Good luck with the sewing room :)

Pam said...

it was good to see your name on my comment section. I've missed blogging!

HOPE said...

Hello Aliene..

I've been a bit out of commission too and need to work on QUILTS...

I have a torn miniscus..I think. Had a cortisone shot to the knee..OUCH. But on the mend.

Take care...and thank you for being a blessing to so many.

God bless and heal you!

Pamela said...

Beautiful photograph and oh, we have peace with God. A beautiful reminder.

Love how you used the material. I have yarn and crochet thread I am trying to use up this winter. It's easy to get a pile of it so I've been making an afghan of bright yarns for my granddaughter to use when she is here--she loves to curl up with one. Plus some small thread projects to tuck in letters. It's fun to see what can be made with "leftovers."

There is nothing better than home grown strawberries. They have a brighter flavor than store bought. We want to plant some as well as berry bushes.

Love your hodgepodge!