Sunday, January 15, 2012


"Sing unto the Lord, O ye saints of his and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness." Psalm 30:4

"Sing O heavens; and be joyful, O earth;  and break forth into singing, O mountains; for the Lord hath comforted his people; and will have mercy upon the afflicted."  Isaiah 49:13

I was reminded of this scripture yesterday as we were going down the interstate.  The traffic had come to almost a stand still.  I started noticing the dead brush and naked trees on the side.  (Stuff we just take for granted.)  Trees that have shed all their leaves looked dead.  But we know they will bud forth in the spring.  

The thing that caught my interest were the few things that were still green.  I noticed the wild holly with the red berries shining on the limbs.  I noticed the wild palmetto plants.  I saw several green bushes that I did not know the names of.  Seem these stood out amongst all the dead debris and fallen trees that were rotting.
I would say that 98 % of the surroundings were dead or waiting to revive in the spring.  This reminded me of the Christian shining in the midst of this dark and dreary world, letting their light shine.

I then looked up, way above the bushes and smaller trees and saw the pine tree.  They had reached to the sun and were slightly waving  their green tops in the breeze as if to give praise to the Son
"What matter that all the surroundings lower down are dead or brown - we will stay above the shadows, in the light and lift our needles to the Lord." I could just about hear them say. 

What about us? Are we looking up to the Son, today, and giving Him praise.  Forget all the physical pain and the hurts and whatever trials might have come our way this week.  Look to the Son of Righteous.

"Every day will I praise thee; and I will bless the; and I will praise thy name forever and forever."  Psalm 145:2


Jedidja said...

Dear Aliene,

What a beautiful, wise lessons based on what you saw in nature. I love it. Yes, let this week, every day look to the Son of Righteous. I am afraid of myself. As soon as I deviate from Jesus, as soon as I spend time on other things. But in my heart is a 'yes!' I will look to the Son of Righteous.
Thank you.

Deborah said...


Rebecca said...

I wanted to visit you after I found someone who knew the "old song" that I can't quit singing this morning...

Looks like we're on the same wavelength with our desire to praise the Name of our Lord - EVERY day!

ღ soraya ღ said...

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Sis. Julie said...

Amen!!! You are so right!!! I want to be one of those that praise Him daily for each and everything He does and doesn't do. God has blessed my life so could I take that for granted?? Yet I find myself doing just that.

I am sorry I haven't been by in so long. I don't get by my blog much anymore and when I do I would do a quick post and then have to get back to what I was doing before. I stay pretty busy these days.

Glad to see you are still blogging and being used of our Savior to help others.

Love you!!!

Sis. Julie