Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dumb Ramblings

Today I thought about the old home places.  All the fun of being a child, growing into the teen age years,
my first day of high school.  That was scary at first.  So many different classes and three stories to climb.
Sometimes I still dream about not being able to find my class.  I thought of the little town where everyone gathered  on Saturdays.  Mom and Dad to buy groceries and anything the family might need was their purpose.
We children and teenagers visited with our friends and had a coke and donut at the bakery in town.  The thing that sticks in my mind is sitting in the car and just watching people.  I don't know why that was amusing to me.

I can still see all the little shops and stores.  The 5 and 10!  I don't know why it was called that because  very few items were 5 or 10 cents.  I do remember  the paper dolls.  We could buy a book of dolls and clothes for twenty five cents.  That was really a big thing with little girls back in the 50's.  Did you ever check on paper dolls in our day now?  I can't believe they are so expensive.  Unless you grew up with paper dolls you  really don't know what you missed.  All the girls had them.

Better yet, you will be surprised what we did with Sears Roebuck Catalog.  No, we did not use it for toilet paper.  We cut out the models and the clothes and dressed them like paper dolls. Marbles?  Yep!  The boys played a lot of marbles.  I use to play with  my two brothers.  Remember the big ole buckeye?  We would draw a line in the dirt and who ever got nearest the line was first.

Do any of you remember hopscotch?  What about jumping ropes?  That was a recess game.  We would stand in line for our turn, then we would have to name a movie star before we could jump in.  Now, we were not allowed to go to the movies, and did not have a T.V. so what did I know about movie stars?  Nothing!  I just listened  to the others and before long I could name as many movie stars as the next one.  I had no idea who they were or what they looked like.  I still don't know too many today.  Oh, what about double jump rope?  I loved it the most.  My feet moved faster and I  really enjoyed it.  I think I heard someone call it Dutch rope.  But it was just two jump ropes going  ~ one and then the other right behind.  Such fun.

Did you ever build your own play house with pine straw?  That is the best kind because you can have as many rooms as you want.  Just use the straw to divide the rooms. Leave a door opening into each one.
Find a log and a board and I had my table.  Dishes?  Whatever my imagination could find!  Beds!  Pile of straw and a rag over it for a sheet.  No telling where my imagination took me.  I was about eight years old and played by myself.  The boys were out doing something else.  

Oh, I did not mention the home made stilts.  Did  you ever walk on stilts?  I remember walking down the street on stilts that a friend had.  Seem I was five feet off the ground when in reality  it was probably only
about two feet.  Do kids know what they are today?   I doubt it!

Did any of you ever do back bends?   That was a hard one!  I would practice and practice.  Finally I came upon the idea that if I got in the ditch (dry) ~ my legs would be lower and I could touch the ground backwards.  Yipee!  I did it!  Guess I was too tall for this.  I never really conquered it ~ but it was fun trying.

Did you ever try to catch a bird with salt?  I guess Mama wanted us outside, so she told us to get some salt and sit on the hood of the car and see if we could catch a bird. When we saw the bird we were suppose to throw the salt on his tail.  Naturally, we finally threw it on the ground.  I have often wondered what we would have done with that poor little bird if we had caught one. 

Makes me wonder about the things kids do today for entertainment.  Stay inside on computer or games or listening to music they ought not to listen too.  I wish they knew what they are missing!  

Just some dumb rambling!  Don't know whether to post it or not ~~ but here goes!  Dumb reading!


Anonymous said...

You shouldn't call these dumb. They are great memeories and I enjoyed reading them alot. To me it fun to hear memories of days gone by. I LOVED this post.

Blessings Friend!!!!

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

My favorite was the pine straw play houses. Oh, the mansions we could make!

Deborah said...

I enjoyed the 'dumb reading' too. I remember many of those things and more. We made homes in the branches of huge willow trees; we bent willow branches over and tied them down...they made a great bouncey horse! and yes, I found some paper dolls under the mattress of a cot my grandma gave us...must have belonged to a cousin...I loved them! I could go on and on...

Lisa said...

I had to laugh when I read about your dreams of not being able to find your class! That must be universal, because my husband and I talk about it all the time!

Most of the time I am not able to read the class schedule! And then, since we were in marching band, I often have dreams that I'm suddenly on the field for a show, but an hav eno ideas what the show is!! Ah, memories...

Blessings on you, Ailene!


pse said...

I enjoyed the memories. Maybe Brendan could make some stilts.

Nancy M. said...

I loved reading through your memories of childhood! I remember quite a few of those myself. Kids today are missing out on so much just by not using their imaginations like we did!