Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Scrap Heap Projects

These are the tote bags that I made out of old jeans
that I picked up at the thrift store.  These are for my grand daughters.  I am going to fill them with bath stuff and different odd and ends that I think they might enjoy.  I might put a gift card in the pocket.  The black is the front and back.  The pocket is on the
back.  They are square at the bottom.

These are the bigger ones.  The jean one I cut so the pocket of the jeans would be the back side.  Then I sewed a  pocket on the inside.  The trim covered the seam that showed.  I them took the trim material and
finished off  around the top and the straps.

The red one is canvas.  I put the pocket on the outside and also a pocket on the inside.  They are closed at the top with vel-cro sewed in so they won't come open.  I re-did and old bag that was still good.
I will not use canvas again.  It is too heavy to sew.

I had planned on trying to perfect this project but my plans got changed.  Maybe during the year  I can work on it.  In the adult ones I might put footie's  or whatever I see when I go shopping.   My imagination might  improve a little more and I will get them like I want them.     Just thought I would show you my scrap heap projects.


DeanO said...

Wonderful bags and so very crafty

Rita said...

These are so cute and I love that they are recycled, too! Awesome gifts!! :):)

Anonymous said...

Aliene I knew you liked to make quilts but I had no idea you were so creative with other sewing projects! These are adorable and look so professional! I know your granddaughters will treasure them.

Deborah said...

Very nice! My sister in law made something bags for her grandchildren.

Julie Page said...

Those are so cute, what a great idea!

Farming On Faith said...

You are very talented ~ so cute!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Elizabeth said...

These are so precious. I have a huge scrap heap! I can't bear to throw away 1/2 a yard of fabric, but it's just not big enough to do anything with. Now I have a solution!

Jessica Cangiano said...

There are really darling, what a charming idea! I especially like the subtle vintage feel that the leopard print lends the blue bag.

Many thanks for your lovely recent blog comment over at Chronically Vintage, it's wonderful to make your acquaintance.

Wishing you a beautiful Monday and week ahead,