Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Adoring Him

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  The most wonderful part about mine was going to church.
I did not know how many would be there on Christmas Day, but the church was full..  Our Pastor preached a message on  Come and adore Him.    He then ask if anyone wanted to say "I adore the Lord because"... and
you fill in the blank.   Many testimonies of why we adore Him.  Of course we only said one.  But we have many
reasons to adore Him.  Not just at Christmas but throughout every day. 

Just began to think of the reasons why we need to adore Him!   I am going to try at least once a week to write about something He has done and adore Him for it.  If you want to join in let me know and we will have a  time of praise at least one day a week.  Or we can sent others to your blog.  Let's adore Him this coming year. 


Jedidja said...

Yes, let's adore Him this coming year

DeanO said...

As a child and I hate to be this honest...I hated Christmas on Sunday but I wasn't saved then. Now, it's a blessing indeed!