Sunday, April 17, 2011


This is some of  my flowers that have bloomed or now in the process of blooming.  The pink Amaryllis is my favorite..  I had two of them to bloom, but have more than I transplanted last year and they will be at least another year before showing their beauty.

 This is a white with red ~ I call it peppermint.  I have several of these in the ground.  Several more will bloom.  Also have red that has bloomed.  It has a touch of white.
 The one below is a lavender and white iris. I had several of these to bloom.  I also had several yellow ones to bloom.  I think more will bloom when we get warmer weather.

I have a whole row of Easter Lilies that are heading up to bloom.  Hopefully they will bloom for Easter
but I think probably not.  It doesn't really matter.  They will be pretty when they bloom all at one time.

Hope you had a good day at church today.  We did and are looking forward to tonight's service.
God is good ~ so good, even in the bad times.  I want to be like these flowers and bloom where ever the 
Lord plants me.  He up-roots us sometimes and has to do some trimming away and re-potting.
But He knows what He is doing ~ we just say "Ouch"  and go on after awhile we will bloom again.

Always, Aliene


Anita said...

These flowers are very pretty! Wishing you a blessed week and a Happy Easter!

Child of God said...

Beautiful flowers!!

I hope you are feeling better, continuing to pray.


Deborah said...

Very pretty! One day I'll be back to posting my flower pictures!