Tuesday, March 1, 2011


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 We  had a  last get together for Joshua, Amber, Noah and Mallorie  Sunday Night after church.
They will be greatly missed in our services.  Josh is a very talented young man.  He probably could make a good living with his voice.  God has given him a voice to sing, but, thank God, he has used it for the Lord.
They have been raising support for awhile.  The Lord has supplied their every need.  It was such a blessing to us as they would come back home after each deputation trip.   He told how they were in dire circumstances several times.  Someone would call at the last minute and supply their need.  It was not the last minute for God!  He was teaching them to learn how to lean on the Him for their every need.  Building their faith!

Mrs Amber is a rather quiet young lady.  But she has learned, also, how to speak in front of a crowd and has grown so much in the Lord.  They took a trip to the Philippines last year.  Josh said he really did not know if Amber's heart was into Missions like his heart was!  When they came back from their trip ~ Amber was convinced that she was in God's will.  She was excited to get on the field.  Her whole out look was changed!

They have two precious children and expecting a third.  Little Noah and Mallorie will be missed so much.
Especially by their Grandparents on both sides and cousins.  But I am sure they will do fine.

As far as we know, they boarded the plane this morning. They will be in the air 21 hours.  If it comes across your mind ~ remember them in prayer,  not just today, but in the days to come.  They will have a lot of adjusting to do.  Knowing Josh, he will get on the ground running.  But his Uncle Mike Adams and Aunt Donna  (Prison Ministry Over See-er )  flew over with them to see them settled.  Uncle Mike is also from our church.  He is gone a lot on behalf of The Prison Ministry.  

Pray that the Lord will help them find an apartment and get things settled.  We know the Lord is going to use them in a great way.  God bless parents that would rather see their children thousands of miles away doing God's work, than to stay here and gain material things and get their eyes on the wrong things.  This is not only a day for Josh and Amber but also for their parents:
Bro Rusty & Mrs Ceil Silvertooth 
Bro Jimmy & Mrs Kathy Adams
Pray for them, also.

I will keep you up dated!


Deborah said...

Thanks for sharing this ministry with us. Praise the Lord for young families willing to go to the mission field!

Barbara said...

Bless their hearts, God is still in the business of calling missinaries, and saving the lost, a dear couple, and I know they will be missed in your church.
Have a blessed day, Barbara

Child of God said...

I will keep them in my prayers. Please keep us updated and how to pray.

(I mentioned in a comment on my blog but am not sure if you saw it. A Beka has availabe teachers via phone or email to give help with the algebra or any subject needing help in. My son used it a couple of time but was a bit on the shy side).

Alene said...

Praying for these sweet people as they do the work of the Lord. Blessings!