Monday, March 7, 2011

God's Flower Garden

I start looking for the wild violets around the middle of February.  I have done this for years.  I always get excited when I see the first one.  I found this one peeping up out of the grass.  I had to pick it and go show my husband. 
 This is where I usually look.  Around the trunk of old trees. I am always curious what might be in the hole, but not curious enough to dig in there and find out.  Seems the wild flowers love to grow around this old tree trunk.
 More violets among the leaves.  (That was about two weeks ago.)  Now they are all over.  I don't  know what it is that is so exciting.  I think I just love God's Flower Garden. I  also know that it is time to get things ready to plant my flower beds.  We have tried but the rain has really been bad and the weather got chilly again. Maybe tomorrow we can get all our supplies together and go to the nursery to see what we want.  The trees are all budding out. In a few days the pollen will be flying all over. (Allergy season.)  My wisteria tree is putting on sprouts and the roses are sprouting new growth.  Spring is definitely  in the air.  I love Spring!  It puts a spring in my step.  I'm ready for it and I know all of you are, too. 



Deborah said...

I love spring too. The wild flower I always look for in early spring is the crocus.(you can see them on my garden blog) Where I grew up, there was a field that was always covered with them. They don't last long, but they are a sure sign of spring. With all the snow banks around here, I don't expect to be seeing any flowers for a long time. Cities around here are preparing for flood season....they are expecting it to be particularly bad this year. We have no basement, so all we have to worry about is the lakes around our yard!

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

No wildflowers around here yet. I keep watching for tiny buds on my lilac bushes, but none so far. I am definitely ready for spring!

A Joyful Chaos said...

We had a few inches of snow on Sunday. Violets are my favorite spring flowers and i can't wait to see them again.

ERICA said...

Thank you Ms. Aliene for the comment!
The Lord is so good to me...and for Him to use me to do something so small on my part is the least I can do. He'll do the rest, that's for sure! :)

A Gardner's Cottage said...

Don't you just love the first sign a spring! I really like violets, but who am I kidding I love all spring flowers. Isn't God good!
Have a sweet day.


Deborah said...

Hi Aliene, Just stopping by to check on you...I haven't heard from you in a bit. Hope you and Silas are well.