Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Seem to have a little more time this evening.  Last night Silas had a low grade fever. Hopefully, he won't tonight.  If so, I will have to get him back to the doctor.  He seems to have more strength today. 

The hospitals here have doctors just for the hospital.  Your primary care physician does not come to the hospital.  

So that is how we met Dr Mark who is 40 years old.  (That's what we will call him.)  He was a very pleasant doctor down in emergency.  So many doctors just come in and out and you know absolutely nothing about your illness when they leave.  Dr.Mark explained to us how Silas' white blood count was up to 25,000 plus. 
Also that  pneumonia was in his right lung and it sounded pretty bad.  He felt Silas needed to stay at least overnight and take anti-biotics over night.  Also he needed fluids to hydrate him.  The next morning when he came in to see Silas ~ he wanted to keep him another night because he was still running a low grade fever. Felt Silas needed more IV anti biotics.   We  did not want to have to come back to the hospital.   He and Silas struck up a conversation. 

After telling you how excited we were ~ I got to thinking that it may not mean a thing to you.  But I will write it anyway.

Dr. Mark was from Alabama and had come to Baton Rouge to specialize in cardiology.  I think he finished that but for now is a hospital doctor.  We got to talking about how many years the Lord had given us together and how He had blessed us.  He said he was Baptist, too.  But the main thing, he was a Christian.

 He stayed for awhile and just talked.  He said he wanted a little practice out in a smaller town to get away from city living. 
He wanted to buy a home out of the city into the country to live.  They talked awhile and he had to go.  

The next day he came in and told Silas he wanted him to be fever free for twenty four hours before he let him come home.  So he need to stay another night.  

He ask us what the difference was between Southern Baptist and Independent Baptist.  We explained it all to him.  He seem so interested.  Said that he and his wife had gone to several churches to find a home church.  They go to church but he said people just are not friendly and it's like you are just another number or something.

I can't remember how he put it but he was definitely not happy with it.  
It really is a shame, but a lot of churches are like that. Just a form and not interested in making people welcome.  Silas told him people would be friendly and welcome him if he visited our church. 

Our camp meeting is starting Father's day. Silas had mentioned it but did not go into detail.
That night we had a little happy face track that we pass out.  Silas wrote the church name and the date on it.  He wanted to give it to Dr. Mark the next morning.  Well, he did!  Dr Mark seem excited and looked at his calendar to see what Sunday he had off.  He said he wanted to come before camp.  We told him it would be about a 35 or 40 minute drive.  He said that was not bad.  
He wrote His personal phone number down and told Silas to call him.  How many doctors would do that?  Especially to someone you just met?  We told him we had a doctor in our church that he would have something in common with.  

We just feel like the Lord let our paths cross for a purpose.  Silas will call him at home just to talk to him when he gets to feeling better.  

I thought of the lonely Christians out there that would love a friend or a good church that was friendly.  So many churches just have a morning service and that's it until the next Sunday.  We feel so blessed that the Lord comes and meets with us at church and at home.  He has been helping us both spiritually. I'm so thankful!

Just want to add a note about Denise.  She was a black nurse and real sweet.  When she came in the last morning  I ask her if she had ever experience the goodness of God.  "Oh, yes mam!  I love the Lord."
She told us about a patient she had that was dying with cancer. The patient ask her if God loved her.  Denise said, "Yes, but do you love  Him?"  The patients response was, "Yes, but are you sure He loves me?"  Denise assured her that the Lord died for her and love her as His own.  The next morning when Denise came in her patient had gone on to meet the Lord.  She was glad she had the talk with that patient.

There are so many out there dying without the Lord.  Who will go and tell them that Jesus died for them and loves them?  Who will help bring them to Jesus? I want to be counted in the group that goes and tells.  What about you?


Child of God said...

What a beautiful story and thanks so much for sharing it!
I believe that God directs people into our path for a reason and as Christians it is important to tell them about Jesus, not 'in you face' but gently a little salt goes a long way.
My husband is a Christian physician specialzing in the lungs and he witnesses to all of his patients. He was freeded from fear by a few of his patients that were on fire for the Lord and they would pray with him in the office.

Maybe this doctor was put in your path for you to strenghten him in the Lord, so he can do his job better. My husband prays for all of his patients and the healing rate of his patients compared to the healing rate of the doctor's that don't pray for their patients is 70% higher. God works through him and he has raised the dead through the obedient prayers of my husband. Really it is cool!

You can strengthen this doctor by freeing him in the Lord.

Blessings and hoping that Silas is on the mend really soon.

Aliene said...

Child of God, I'm so glad to hear that there are doctors witnessing for the Lord. Silas' Dad was a minister for 55 years. He had a heart problem. One time when he was in the office the doctor got a call from the hospital. He was to perform surgery. Silas' Dad ask if he could pray with him that the Lord would guide his hands as he ministered in surgery. After that ~ every time my Father in law went him the cardiologist would ask him to pray with him. He did this until my F.N L passed away. He said that the first prayer made a difference in his surgery.
We have a doctor in our church. His wife works with him and they
always want prayer that they can minister, not only to bodies but to the souls of his patients.
My F.N L prayed every day for his doctors. Blessings!

Deborah said...

I'm sure it's not much fun spending time in the hospital, but what wonderful opportunities the Lord can give you!
I hope Silas is feeling better!

Anita said...

Aliene, this is a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing. When my husband was hospitalzed he had a cardiologist that would pray with him. That small gesture meant more to him than all the medical procedures. There was also a male nurse that was extremely caring and compassionate and took the time to sit with me and hold my hand during my husband's last hours. There are many angels here on earth doing God's will.
Have a blessed week!

Like sunshine in the home said...

What a beautiful and encouraging story. I hope that Silas is much better now.

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

OH and to think that is just what the Lord had been dealing with you about~ courage in witnessing. The Lord is so good.
I am glad Silas is much better and I will pray that Dr. Mark will visit your church.
Thank you for sharing that story with us.

You have a wonderful evening!

Rita said...

How very encouraging to hear that there are doctors out there that love the Lord! I believe that God puts people in our paths for a reason and that he puts us in other peoples paths for a reason. Thanks for sharing that with us.

Barbara said...

Oh Aliene what a wonderful testimony, God bless you both and I am so thrilled about this meeting your had with the doctor, praying for dear Silas too, lots of hugs and keep on keeping on for our blessed Saviour.
Lots of love, Barbara

Pamela said...

A beautiful story. It's so hard to witness sometimes. I'm praying for Silas and hope he's improving.

Blessings, Pamela

GrammyGoo said...

God is so Faithful. Continued prayers for his recovery. What a wonderful testimony . Praising God and praying for Dr Mark too !
Blesings, Ella