Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Post Drop #3

I finally have time to write more.  I think I left off at the conversation we had with the doctor. 

First let me tell you about the Chaplin.  She came into the room and introduced herself and ask how Silas was feeling.  Then she ask us what church we went to.  She said she was Baptist, also. Why she ask that question I have no idea!  (Well, in retrospect I guess I know!)   I was sitting on the sofa and told her how God had been blessing our church and our people.  (I  guess I was filled up and tears started trickling.)  I told her God was so good to us, but we are so unworthy and don't deserve His blessings.  I could see then that she started getting uncomfortable.   She prayed and left.  I am not her judge, but  somehow the Lord just put her on my heart to pray for her.  So many people have a head knowledge  and think works will get them in.  Maybe she has never  been around where God pours out His blessings on a service.  Maybe she doesn't hear many express the goodness of God.  I don't know the situation ~ but I am glad the Lord gave me a few words.  Normally  I would sit back and let my husband do all the talking.

That is another thing that  the Lord spoke to me about.  Hiding behind my husband because he is so bubbly and never meets a stranger!  That may be a small thing to you, but for my personality ~  guess I will stop right here and say God can help us change things  that make us want to let the other person do it because  (You know, I'm just the kind that would rather stay in the background and pray and not be in the fore front.)  I think God kind of gets sick of  excuses.  With His help I will try to break out of that bondage.  You may not think it is bondage but  the devil would have us to stay in that little circle and never do anything.  I think when we put forth an effort the Lord will be right there to help me.  I am depending on Him!

I  know this mostly seems about me, but really, it is about Him.  Because I would be nothing  without  Him.
I remember about 15yrs. or so ago, I was talking to my son.  I said,  (And here's that dumb excuse again that must have disappointed  the Lord.)   I was saying to him how more dangerous it was to go knocking on doors and inviting people to church than when he was young.   His reply, "Mama,  I don't buy  that!  Aren't you serving the same God that you served back then?"  Oops!  He really touch a nerve.   Here my son, that I had raised in church, telling me that God can keep me safe. He wasn't being disrespectful,  just telling me what I had taught him.  He has the same personality that I have but somehow men have a way of overcoming easier.  He is a deep thinker but when he starts talking, he can talk.

Have you ever enter into a conversation and when you get home the devil makes you think that what you said was stupid?  He has done that to me so many times.   But I am sick and tired of him doing that to me.  If I make a fool of myself  talking then I will be a fool for Christ.  Pray for me alone this line.  I will have to write more tomorrow.
Guess I won't get to the doctor today.  But he is a Christian and the story is good~ ~


Like sunshine in the home said...

Sorry that Silas has been so poorly but glad that he is on the mend. It's so frightening when a fever gets so high and won't seem to drop.

I too struggle to find the words and am ashamed of myself often for not speaking up enough.

My eldest daughter speaks up for Christ so often and without fear. She's been called names, even by a child's parents, simply for encouraging them to come to church. Sometimes, because I don't want her to get hurt, I've wanted to stop her but I know that she loves God and I mustn't stand in her way of speaking about Him.

I pray that God gives me such a heart for the lost and the needy and the boldness to speak up for Him.

How wonderful that you were given the opportunity to speak to the hospital chaplain. Maybe you've given her food for thought.


Child of God said...

Hi Aliene,
It is not wrong to be quiet for in Ecclesiastes 5:2-3
2 Do not be quick with your mouth,
do not be hasty in your heart
to utter anything before God.
God is in heaven
and you are on earth,
so let your words be few.
3 A dream comes when there are many cares,
and many words mark the speech of a fool.

This is the verse God lays on my heart so with this in mind I take my words to God and ask Him, "Lord please direct the words that I say or write, please let them be Your words. I will step out in faith knowing You are going to give me Your words to say. Thank you Lord Jesus, in Your name amen."
This is my prayer and as I go through life I trust that He is guiding me. Try it and then trust it. It works for if we ask for anything in His name, if it is in accordance to His will then He will give it to us. Especially if it will advance His kingdom.

Praise God for freeing you to speak to the chaplain. When my father was passing away, I was beside him in the hospital 24/7 and the chaplain came in to pray for dad and she prayed the regular standard prayer and when she was done, before she said amen, our God freed me and I prayed. The power of the Spirit was thick on me and when I get like this my prayers jump all over the place but He controled my words and I prayed freely. When I said amen she was visibly shocked and politley said amen and left. That is fine. I hope and pray the Spirit reached in and touched her, for the embaresment I felt afterwards was well worth it as the Spirit came in and ministered to me, my dad and the couple behind the curtain. Praise God!

God bless you Aliene and I am waiting to hear the rest of this exciting story.