Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We have a lot to praise the Lord for!  In particular, we both had our routine check ups yesterday.  The doctor was well pleased with both of our reports.  For the first time in three years my A1c for my blood sugar is below point 7.  I was taking 7 shots a day trying to get it under control.  It was always 7.3- 7.6.  As hard as I tried I could not get it down.  Finally I took my diabetes into my hands and decided to try alternative medicine..  I have been on natural supplements for six months, with the permission of my primary care physician.  My blood sugar is down to 6.8, although I need for it to be below 6. I am completely off  Symlin and Humlog..  The Lantus, which is the long term, I have cut in half. I cut these very slowly. I am now on one shot a day and the dosage is only half of what I was taking.  I thank the Lord for this!

This is also true of my thyroid.  The synthetic (Synthroid) was not working at all.  I got on a natural about six months ago and my thyroid is as normal as normal can be.  I would not advise this without first talking to your primary care physician.  I did not think she would approve but about 4 months ago I brought it all with me and spread it out and told her that I had been to a chiropractor that deals in all natural.  She told me to stay on it.  It is working!  I think a lot of doctors are taking a different view on alternative, now.

Silas had his check up on his hospital stay.  His lung is still a little cloudy, but as far as we understand ~ that is normal for pneumonia like he had.  He has to go for another x-ray in a week to check on it.  We are confident that all will be okay.

Everything is going fine with my homeschooling my grandson.  I am getting a few lessons that I had forgotten.
He is a good student or I would not be under taking this job at my age.

Need to get supper finished.  I know Silas is getting hungry.  I'll get back later.  Hope all of you have a good week.


Deborah said...

Glad to hear your good reports. Aline!
Love the music playing!

Anonymous said...

I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! I really am! Good job!
We'll pray that the next check-up for Silas will show his lung is clear.


Aliene, thank you so much for your invitation to visit. It was a good visit and hope to come again soon.

What kind of natural med do you take for your Thyroid? I am interested in knowing. If you don't mind my asking.

So good to hear that your blood sugar is almost down where you want and need it to be. I hope you keep doing well and hope your husband lung gets cleared up. Hope you have a great day and "hello" to your grandson too. connie

Elizabeth said...

So glad to hear these good reports. We too got frustrated with pharmaceutical medicine. One of my sons had weeping, bleeding eczema literally from the day he was born. Eventually asthma and other allergies developed. When he was 3, we were at our wit's end. Nothing worked. We checked into alternative medicine. He hasn't had an asthma attack since 4 1/2 and, PRAISE JESUS he was cured of eczema by age 5. For the first time in his life he has baby soft skin. We said goodbye to the pharmacy and haven't looked back once.

I am SO HAPPY that natural medicine helped you.

Child of God said...

Praise God for good reports!

Country Whispers said...

That's great that news. I fimly believe in using homeopathy and natural alternatives. It's amazing how much they can do for you.
I know what you mean about homeschooling. There are some subjects that I have to reteach to myself before I can teach the kids.
Have a great day!

Mia said...

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