Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Do any of you know anything about Chrislam ~ a fairly new religion here in U.S?  It mixes Christianity and Islams together stating that the 
God of Christianity and the god of Islam is the same!  

My friend has several post and videos abut it.  You really need to go by her blog and read this.  Leave your comment.  It's time for Christians to wake up and realize that Satan is making his last stand.

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If you can't get it from here, go to my list of friends and you will see  Truths Vessels.     Go to it from there.
If you read it ~ let me know.  It would be interesting to see who is interested.


Child of God said...

Hi Aliene,
I hopped over and looked at that post, I was also on a blog, The End Time
This is horrible stuff and it really makes God made.

Thanks for sharing,

Anonymous said...

Thank you Aliene,
This isn't news that's happening elsewhere, it's right here in our country. I am completely shocked it's taking place right under our noses and not much is being said or done about it. And I'm really appalled that more Christians aren't warning others to 'be on the watch'.

Jacquelyn Stager said...

This is the craziest thing I've ever heard of. We are called to love, yes. We are not called to the new "tolerance" ~ the most loving thing we can do for Muslims or anyone for that matter is to speak the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus didn't tolerate the money changers desecrating His house of worship. Why would Christians think He would a place of worship presumably dedicated to Him and payed for with the sacrificial gifts of His people? ugh...wake up sleeping Church! God bless Mike Huckabee for speaking out. I don't have time to watch a lot of news these days and I missed this!

Thanks for visiting me Ailene...haven't "chatted" in a while...