Saturday, September 18, 2010

We have so often praised Mary and thought Martha choose the lesser part.   This is what James Smith in 1859 said about Mary.

 Luke 10:39 "And she gad a sister called Mary, which also sat at Jesus feet and heard His word."
Let us notice Mary's POSITION. She was sitting at the feet of Jesus. Most probably He was reclining on the couch, and she went and took her place behind Him, where she could hear what He said, and occasionally get a glimpse of His face.

It is the posture of HUMILITY—she took the lowest place. She had no wish to be seen, nor did she regard her own ease—she was intent on getting good from Jesus.

It was the posture of ATTENTION—she wished to catch every word, and to understand all that the Lord was saying. If Jesus is teaching—then Mary will attend and listen.

It was the posture of a LEARNER—she was a disciple of Jesus, therefore she sat down at His feet, that she may receive of His words. He need not now say unto her, "Learn of Me," for she was most anxious to do so.

It was the posture of SATISFACTION—if she could but be within the sound of His voice, within the sight of His eye—it was enough for Mary. Anywhere with Jesus—would satisfy her!

It was also the posture of REPOSE—here at the feet of Jesus, she found rest unto her soul. Her desires were satisfied, her love was gratified, her hungry soul was fed. It was enough.

Being at the feet of Jesus was to her—a kind of earthly heaven.

Mary sat at the feet of Jesus in a humble cottage.
She now sits by His side in the heavenly mansion!

Reader, how is it with you?

Are you humble enough to take a seat at the feet of Jesus?

Is it your delight to listen to His words?

Are you like a little child desiring to learn of Him, and be taught by Him?

Are you satisfied—if you can but get near to Jesus?

Do you find sweet and refreshing repose in His presence?

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