Thursday, September 9, 2010

Couldn't find the teapots
But it really doesn't matter.
Just got me a chair
So I could sit 
And not get any sadder.

I got myself some roses
To smell as I sit and pray,
About who got my teapots
Will they confess this day?

Lord, help then to be honest
As they ponder this little sin.
I really want my teapots
But I guess I'll forgive.

(If you are the culprit. come on, 'fess up.)

Love ya, anyway,  


Dori said...

I'm really confused...what teapots are missing?

Anonymous said...

Well that's a really nice chair
that you've placed back there.
Teapots come and teapots go,
to where - I really don't know.
Cyberspace ate them up I think,
maybe because it wanted a drink?
Too many thing-a-ma-jigs & gadgets
are often some of our worst habits.
They overtake & confuse our sites,
creating all sorts of battles & fights.
Then things tend to hide and disappear
this is what happened - I fear.
That's why I keep mine ever so easy
and I use the templates they give me.
So as for fessing-up and little sin,
Perhaps it's best that you begin again?
You're much smarter than you think,
just follow the Template Design Link.

Hugs and blessings,