Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Century Plant Going, Going, almost Gone

Century Plant  About Down.  How many months
has it been since it first started shooting a sprout upward?  I think the first of Summer!  We have watch this plant every time we drive down the road.  Seem to be changes every time we looked at it.  It shot upward, finally made a cauiflower-like bloom, stayed awhile, then started turning downward.  It is literally being pulled up by the roots and will  never have life again.

There  has to be a spiritual application here somewhere.
I guess we could compare the plant itself to youth.  Growing, turning green, getting taller and fuller and just resting there a few years.  It has to  be under going some transformation inside somewhere for the next stage of life.  Youth is like that!  Just enjoying life, no worries, no cares, no responsibility.

Then finally one day after many years it matures enough to put out a stalk.  Like youth trying to find itself.
That stalk grows and grows and keeps growing.  No limit.  Pass the fence post, pass the house roof, pass the electric wires, way up until you cannot see what is going on at the top.
During youth and onward, making decisions that will affect the rest of their life.  (We need the Lord to make these decisions to be a successful Christian.)  Each notch (like a bamboo) is a test or trial that we had to go through to get higher.  I would like to count the notches in that stalk, but I can't.  There are plenty.

Sometimes it looks like the weight of the plant will pull the whole thing down.   Isn't that so in life?  Seems like sometimes our trials and testing will pull us down, but we keep our eyes on the Son who will give us more life as we go along.  Another notch, another trial, another victory.  We might look to man as  a prop but we will surely fall.  So far this plant has needed no prop, but it is coming down slowly. 

The whole root system is dying is dying and one day soon the whole plant will be uprooted probably to be replaced by another one.  They do make babies in their youth.  These babies are waiting for their chance to bloom.  We will one day leave this old world only leaving our influence on our children or those we come in contact with.  May somehow we be remembered as this plant.  I will never forget the Century Plant!
There are people that have come and gone in my life that definitely made a lasting impression on me for the good.  The Century Plant will never have life again, but I'm so glad we will have Life Eternal as we place our life into the the Father that breathed life into us.

As I think more on the Century Plant I am sure that more applications will come to mind.  It is a once in a lifetime experience.  Depends on  the plant and it's beginning.  Have a blessed Day.


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You found some good applications with that plant!
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