Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Victoriously Frazzled

We have passed a church sign several times that I have wondered about. It was a Ladies Meeting at a church that said: Victoriously Frazzled. It hit me this morning ~It looks like those two words are on opposite ends. I mean, how in the world can you be frazzled and in victory at the same time. I looked up the word frazzled and did not find it. I figured it must have come from the word Fray. If you have a better definition, let me know. The word Fray means : a fight, noisy quarrel. Does that sound like like you are victorious? I don't know but ! Another definition means make or become ragged or worn along the edge. Hmm! Have you ever been frazzled? I was, just yesterday. I wrote a post and spent some time on it. I finally had it like I wanted and hit publish and my post had completely disappeared. I said out loud, "What in the world happened? " Then I realized I was talking to myself? I shut the computer off and went to bed before I started answering myself. Then I thought I might have posted it on the KJV blog. Got up, went to computer, pulled it up and found nothing. I was glad in one way, but yet it was a good post, or so I thought. If anyone sees my post, let me know! Then I get frazzled when I want to do something and things don't work right. Guess the older you get the more worn around the edges you become. Fray also mention two more words: wear away and rub! Anyone ever rub you the wrong way? Do you feel victoriously at that moment? Victorious means: Having won a battle, conquering. Do you feel frazzled when you are victorious? Wait! You might just feel like you were rubbed or just a little ragged around the edges from the battle. You might even feel you are wearing away. But you have still have won the battle. 'Reckon we could tie that in some way? I have no idea. Wish I knew someone that was at that Ladies meeting. I just know at times we get frazzled and at times we are victorious. But to be Victoriously Frazzled? Guess it means after the battle you are a conqueror. I know they have to be tied in somehow. Just something to think about.


Barbara said...

I really enjoyed this post Aliene, thanks for the smile dear. I looked it up on my online dictionary this is what they said:

fraz·zle (frzl) Informal
v. fraz·zled, fraz·zling, fraz·zles
1. To wear away along the edges; fray.
2. To exhaust physically or emotionally.
1. To become worn away along the edges.
2. To become exhausted physically or emotionally.
1. A frayed or tattered condition.
2. A condition of exhaustion: worked themselves to a frazzle.

[Perhaps a blend of fray and dialectal fazzle, to unravel (from Middle English facelyn, to fray, from fasel, frayed edge, probably diminutive of fas, rootlets, from Old English fæs).]

So you pretty well hit the nail on the head, lol we can through Christ live a victorious life even when we are frazzled.. Hugs

Deborah said...

hmmmm....well I often feel frazzeled these days, but not particularly victorious. It seems to me that the frazzling should go away when the victory comes....and the only way that will happen is if I can find or make the time to get in the word and have some quiet time....ya, quiet time....hmmm

Barbara said...

Here is the link for Websters, it is the best.

Terri said...

I agree with your take on this. I'm not sure if frazzled and victorious should be in the same sentence! Thanks for visiting my blog.

HOPE said...

Well you got me here thinking...ann thinking...

I thought about how worn one can be IN the BATTLE and yet pressing on with VICTORY as they win them ONE BY ONE..yet the frayed edges are there..BATTLES SCARS...VICTORY MEMORIALS!!!

I too wish we knew one of those ladies...yooo whoo if you are out there..tap in on us..okay!!!

Great post..

and thank you so much for your prayers and sweet notes...


Grammy Blick said...

Thanks for stopping by! It is such a pleasure to find your blog and I've enjoyed the few I've read. I must come back and read many more. It is so uplifting to share time with those who share the love of walking with our Lord.