Friday, March 12, 2010

Kathy's Quilt

This is a small quilt top that Mom had partially pieced together when my niece (she is over 50 now) was a baby. It must have gotten put up in the attic at Mom's with some quilt tops my grandmother did years ago. Kathy, my niece, was Mom and Dad's first grandaughter. And I had a little niece! We were so proud of her. She had two older brothers but we had already rocked them. When she was little~ Mom and I made Kathy little pinafores. I instantly regonized the baby squares Mom had put together. You can see them going down the middle of the quilt. There are several blocks that I remembered as my dresses that I had made for myself. A couple of Mom dresses I can see. It was like going down memories lane. I knew when I saw this that I had to make it for Kathy. Mom had the strips sewed together so it wasn't hard to add them to the middle section.
I have to let you know that I am not a quilter. I started to sew it on the seeing machine but I wanted it to be
part of Mom to Kathy. Mom did quilts the old fashion way, by hand!
So I got the unbleached muslim and batting (that I happen to have on hand) and pinned each block with big quilting safety pins. That part wasn't too hard. The actual quilting was what I dreaded. I put it up awhile. Last week I got it back out and every time I sat down I would
quilt a little on it. I actually enjoyed it. Now I'm thinking about starting another one.
When I was almost finished with this quilt, Silas and I were moving the sofa back a little. I saw a box I had slipped under there. When I opened it I thought it was cards different family members had sent Mom. Down in the bottom were pieces of material. When I got them out it was the little bonnett girl pattern already cut in pieces. So ~ guess I will quilt again. I will start this from scratch when I figure out just what to do.
Hey! Quilting is fun after all. Not that I did so good on Kathy's quilt, but I guess you learn as you go!


Dee said...

Your mom would be proud. :)

pse said...

Good job! You finished it!

Barbara said...

It is beautiful Ailene, you are very talented, I sure miss seeing you visiting my blog, I hope you are well, and doing good, I love your background, it is the one I have on my orginal barbara's blessings, I still love it after all these years, hugs sister.

Barbara said...

I just read you have been sick, I am so very sorry, are you feeling better now?? I sure will be praying for you dear, and God bless you. Hugs and Love, Barbara