Monday, January 4, 2010

Here it is the first Monday of the New Year. So many things I want to get organized that I don't know where to start. That's when I sat down and write ~hoping something will pop put. A maid would be good right now. Then a yard boy! My yard boy (Silas) has gone to the doctor. I know the yard is driving him nuts. He always has a pretty yard. My theory is "Let the leaves cover it up." Not him! He wants to get on the riding more and cut all the leaves back into the ground. Then more falls! Then I need someone who can grab some of my sentimental stuff and get it out before I know it. Someone who can organize books. Do I do them alphabetically or do I do them by author. Or just leave them and look when I want a certain? Do you remember that desk Silas and I put together? Roll top? I really can keep stuff out of sight! Or so I thought. If you could see it (no, I definitely will not take a picture again and post before and after. Don't even ask.) I have notes and books on both sides, letters, wait! Where is the desk? Oh, here it is right where I left it. So I guess that means I need to get organized again. Why is it when I need something I can't find it? I needed a certain cook book during the holidays. Searched high and low! All the time it was sitting in a little box on my stove. Isn't that the way it is with a lot of things we think we lose? I need someone who can send me knobs to cover an eight foot wall. Ladies, let me ask you a personal question. Does your husband come in and hook his jacket on the chair knobs? Now, our dining room set is probably 35 years old. It has gone through 3 children and 7 grandchildren. But I fear it is being laded down with caps and gloves and jackets. I go and put them in place, only to have to do the same thing over. Otherwise he is a great guy and organized. But those chair knobs were not made for ~ well, I guess they were. I just thought if I had a wall with knobs all the way across he could hook anything would solve the issue. Probably not! Guess I just need to get use to get use to it and thank the Lord he does not take his shoes and socks off in the living room. Well, (and we were taught not to start a sentence with Well) Well, anyway if I get up from here I might could get my bedroom started before Si gets back. I'll think of other stuff I need and will post it later.


Deborah said... husband's coat is almost always hung on the back of a chair...unless I hang it in the closet, so I think we might as well realize that chairs have knobs on the back for a reason....they were designed by a man who wanted a place to hang his coat!
By the way...I think you'll like my next weeks's resolution!

Ruthie said...

Cute post. I am thinking of ways to organize my very cluttered office/craft room - it would be so much easier to find things! Oh well.
And about the coats on chairs - when something annoys me about DH, I just thank the Lord I have my dear Husband around - too many women have lost their spouses.
Blessings in 2010!