Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Can it be?

Meow! This is what my husband saw when he looked out the kitchen window this morning. Not really this cat but A cat. The dumb thing had jumped from the porch on to the window and was pawing on the window. It wan't our cat. Belongs to our grandsons next door.
Yesterday morning when he looked out he saw a red fox coming from the woods running right through our yard and went out the gate on the otherside. We have never seen this before! We do see deer quite often.
Makes me wonder what we will see next. Hope it's not a bear!
I have not gotten into doing anything in the house yet. Oh wait! I did make my bed. I thought about pulling the covers up and let it go but I would have felt inclined to jump back in. I get cold just thinking about the weather that is coming. It will only be in the teens, but for us that is cold. I like cold weather so I can wear my leather jacket and boots. All I need now, folks, is a motor bike. How in the world did I get from cat to motor bike? Easy for me since I have a wondering mind!
What are you wondering about?


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Our neighbor's cat loves to stay at our house. Stay on our back porch, our front porch. Climb on our chairs, leave behind his fur balls, not so nice! I can honestly say I wish he would go home! Cute picture!

Dori said...

I can just see you on a Harley!