Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our Pride and Joy

Now, aren't these the cutest smiles you ever did see? I don't usually post pictures ~ but thought it could not hurt for you to see why we are proud great grand parents. On the left is Tessa Rose. She will be three before long. On the right is Haylee Patricia who will be one on July 4th. I tried to find the the other ggkids ~ but they are on a disc and I need to find them. I will post them later. I just needed these smiles today. They are cousins. Now, do you want to compare? Let me see your ggrands. Or grand children. Really, We are young to have 5 greats. At least that what we tell ourselves. We are so glad God has given us 7 grandchildren and 5 greats. We enjoy them all. Just wish they were closer to us.
Check out Deb's Give-A-Way. I just know you will love what she is giving away. You can find her @ Songs from My Journey

Monday, April 20, 2009

It's the Inner Man that Counts

I know it is not president's day or anything special but as I was cleaning out today ~ I came across this little piece of paper that I found in an old 18oo (not sure of the date) Bible. I found this in a flea market in Pennsylvania as Iwas visiting my sister a few years back. I also found an old Pilgrims Progress that was given to to a lady from her Sunday School teacher in 1891. So I don't really have a date on when the book was published. It is illustrated with pictures and looks like onion skin paper on top of each picture. This particular saying was cut out of a newspaper about Abraham Lincoln. IT'S THE INNER MAN THAT COUNTS "By reading, Abrahm Lincoln brought himself in touch with the best of literature, especially the Bible. By close contact and observation, he learned to understand the thoughts and feelings of his fellow man. By self discipline he obtained a superb mastery of his own mind, and coud use his powers of intuition and reasoning with marvelous effect. That is education. He began as a rail splitter. He ended as a man who could split the tough barriers of political sophistry, and cut the Gordian knot which bound our country to disunion and despair. The name and title of 'a common man' would have pleased him. "But remember he was a common man with an uncommon soul." (Todays thought suggested by CharlesF. Bauder, director of Industrial Arts in the public school.) Can you imagine that being in our public schools today? Our nation has come a long way ~ but the question is: which way has it gone when God and the Bible cannot be mentioned in our school system?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009



We are in the midst of Faith Promise Mission Conference with Dr. Jim Brown. We have learned to love and appreciate the Browns since 1997.

The cause of missions is presented in such a way that you really want to give. We did not know about Faith promise until about 13 years ago.

We always gave to missions, but the whole church that we were in then pledged as district. It was a denomination with district leaders etc.

We thought we gave a lot when we gave $100.00 dollars a year. That was the average. But I often wonder if we gave because we realized the need or because it was expected of us! Was the need really represented in such a way that we understood the need? How much of that which was given went to the missionaries? I guess that is'nt important.

The important thing is that we now meet the missionaries as they are on deputation and the needs are made real to us. We had a missionary this week that he and his family are on deputation getting their support to go to Mongolia. He has a precious wife and four precious children but yet they are willing to leave the comforts of home and go and plant churches and train natives to bring the gospel to their own people.

We have several couples in our church that are getting ready for the Philippines. Others that aren't sure yet where the Lord wants them. Others that have visited different fields and brings the need back to the church.

We started Faith Promise 13 years ago and every year we have increased it. I don't know what others give and it does not matter. Only that we all give what the Lord puts on our heart. Can I say that the Lord has blessed us in ways that we can't explained? He keeps blessing. Do we give because He blesses? No! We give because there is a need that we can help with. We send someone to represent us on the Mission field. We are thrilled when we hear how the Lord is blessing and saving souls because someone felt the call and others made it possible for them to go.

I know from experience in the past that a church that is not missionary minded is not blessed of the Lord. If we give for Missions ~ God will supply our needs here at home. He is blessing our church because we have a pastor and people that put Missions first. Our goal last year was $125.000 dollars. We gave almost $115,000 dollars. All for Missions!

Give and it shall be given unto you! good measure, pressed down, shakened together and running over.

Is it a joy to give or could you be giving out of obligation or it may be expected of you? Let's search our hearts and let the Lord tell us what to do!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


"He is not here; for he is risen, as he said ..." Matthew 28:6
I was going down a street in Chicago, when in a window I saw a beautiful picture of the crucifixion. As I gazed spellbound at the vividly pictured story, I suddenly became conscious that at my side stood a street urchin. He too, was gazing, and his tense exspresson made me know that the "Crucifixion" had really gripped his little soul.
Touching him on the shoulder, I said, "Sonny, what does it mean?" "Doncha know?" he asked, his face full of marvel at my ignorance. "That there man is Jesus, and them others is Roman soldiers, and the woman thats cryin' is His Mother, and, " he added, "they killed Him."
I was loathe to leave that window, but I could not tarry always at the world's tragedy, so I turned and walked quietly down the street. In a moment I heard pattering footsteps at my heels, and there stood my little street urchin. "Say, mister," he breathlessly announced, "I forgot to tell you, He rose again!"
The sign of of our faith is an empty Cross, an empty tomb -
"He is not here ; for He is risen."
A Mother and her child;
A wondrous Boy,
A dead man raised to life;
A few fisherman,
An upper room,
A feast,a garden and a judgment hall.
A crown of thorns, a scourge,
A bitter Cross;
A great stone rolled away
And tears;
A springtime morning,
And an empty tomb,
A Feast, A blessing and a Risen Christ.
by - Mary Winter Ware
"Oh, let me live as if He died
But yestertide;
And I myself had seen and touched
His pierced side."
From: Mountain Trailways by: Mrs. Chas. E. Cowman

Friday, April 10, 2009

And Love Won!

"When thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin...He shall see the travail of his soul, and shall be satisified... (Isaiah 53:10-11) JESUS CHRIST, PERFECT GOD AND PERFECT MAN It is true that He emptied Himself. He laid aside the outward appearance of Deity. His Godhead was veiled. But it was there! Again and again His Godhead showed itself. As man, He slept in the boat. As God, He calmed the waves. As man He wept, As God, He cried "Lazarus, come forth!" As man He was laid in the tomb, As God, He arose. Calvary has no date. "The Lamb slain from the foundation of the world." Oh, the love that drew salvation's plan Oh, the grace that brought it down to man, Oh, the mighty gulf that God did span At Calvary! Mercy there was great, and grace was free, Pardon there was multified to me, There my burdened soul found liberty, At Calvary! "Calvary stills all questions." "The cross spells two stories: one in black - ugly black - the story of sin. Sin carpentered the cross and wove the thorns, and drove the nails - "our sin! And a love story too, in red - bright-flowing red- the story of LOVE, HIS LOVE that yielded to the cross and nails and shame for us! And only the passion of His love burning within will make us hate sin, as only HIS BLOOD can wash it out. "The hill of the Cross is the highest hill on earth, and it's significance. There hates worst and Love's best met." "AND LOVE WON." - Dr. S.D.Gordon Thank God for Calvary! There death was a defeated foe and because of that we can live eternally with Him.

Monday, April 6, 2009


This is a picture of the Strawberry Freezer Jam that we had just put in the jars before we put them in the freezer. Use to put jam in jars and set them on the shelve until we needed a jar. But we like the freezer jam so much better ~ that this year I made all freezer jam. It taste like fresh strawberries. I think we got about 21 pints of jam and probably 20 bags of frozen sliced berries. Plus a big bowl to eat. This was Silas' job! Measuring and getting another cooking ready while I cooked one. Then he helped get the jam in the jars and put the lids and rings on for me. He decided the potatoe masher was not getting the job done so he got the blender out. Just had to be careful not to overdo.
This is a hand carrier to pick strawberries in. It held 8 straw pints ~ but eventaully went to plastic pints.
See the white card board box with Louisiana Strawberries on it?
That is what straw -berries are packed in. This also has changed since I was home. Use to be a wooden slat crate with two layers. Things have really changed. I remember a lot about the berries because every year kids would pick strawberries to help out with school clothes. I was raised in the Strawberry Capitol of the World. Ponchatoula, Louisiana.
When I went to school we got out in March and went back in July so the children could help out with the berry season. But that has changed,too. The schools dismisses the same as other schools now. Crop followers pick the berries now.
A lot of new technology changed things. The plants use to be put out, then farmers would rake straw from the pine trees and put on top of the berries, then the berries would be mulch or pulled through the straw. I guess that is where strawberries got their name.
Now, instead of straw, they use black plastic and pulled the berries through the plastic. Guess this cut down on weeds ~ But seems to me
strawberries don't have the taste they use to. Maybe it's the new technology or it could be I just like the good old days.
Nothing like getting through for the day and sitting on the back porch with Grandma eating a big bowl of strawberries with sugar and canned cream. "That" can't be duplicated or changed!


Sunday, April 5, 2009


Do you think God hears the Prayer of the Righteous? Read this true story! During the time when China was overrun with bandits, a missionary and a clerk went to the nearest town to get money from the bank, which was necessary for carrying on their work. They reached the bank safely, got the money, and were on their return home. As night drew on they camped on top of a little hill for the night. After prayer, they lay down to rest with the box of money between them. They were very thankful in the morning to awaken and find they had not been attacked. Some months later, a brigand chief was brought into the hospital for treatment. He said to the missionary, "A little while ago you went to a certain town and brought back a lot of money." "Yes," was the reply. "And you camped at night on the top of a little hill and you had soldiers with you." "Yes, we did camp at that place for the night, but we had no soldiers with us." "Oh, but you did!" the chief continued. "We intended to rob you that night, but when we saw the soldiers we feared they would resist and we should be killed, so we left you alone. I know there were soldiers, for I counted them and there were 27." Later, when the missionary returned to England on furlough and related this story in a meeting, a man called out from the back of the Meeting Hall. "Can you tell me the date when this happened?" "Yes," said the missionary, "it is very vivid in my mind so that I shall never forget." He then gave the date. "I thought so ," said the man. "On that evening a group of us met in our church to pray especially for the missionaries in China." Then looking at his diary, he added, "And there were 27 of us present in prayer!" With our Mission Conference coming up next week my mind has been on missions and what the Lord would have us to do. I have always had a heart for missions. They are our representatives. Not only do we need to support them with money but also our prayers. I believe the story! Many times they may be in danger but because someone at home was praying they were protected. Many times a soul may be hanging in the balance and got saved because someone at home was praying. The Lord does hear the Prayer of The Righhteous!