Sunday, April 12, 2009


"He is not here; for he is risen, as he said ..." Matthew 28:6
I was going down a street in Chicago, when in a window I saw a beautiful picture of the crucifixion. As I gazed spellbound at the vividly pictured story, I suddenly became conscious that at my side stood a street urchin. He too, was gazing, and his tense exspresson made me know that the "Crucifixion" had really gripped his little soul.
Touching him on the shoulder, I said, "Sonny, what does it mean?" "Doncha know?" he asked, his face full of marvel at my ignorance. "That there man is Jesus, and them others is Roman soldiers, and the woman thats cryin' is His Mother, and, " he added, "they killed Him."
I was loathe to leave that window, but I could not tarry always at the world's tragedy, so I turned and walked quietly down the street. In a moment I heard pattering footsteps at my heels, and there stood my little street urchin. "Say, mister," he breathlessly announced, "I forgot to tell you, He rose again!"
The sign of of our faith is an empty Cross, an empty tomb -
"He is not here ; for He is risen."
A Mother and her child;
A wondrous Boy,
A dead man raised to life;
A few fisherman,
An upper room,
A feast,a garden and a judgment hall.
A crown of thorns, a scourge,
A bitter Cross;
A great stone rolled away
And tears;
A springtime morning,
And an empty tomb,
A Feast, A blessing and a Risen Christ.
by - Mary Winter Ware
"Oh, let me live as if He died
But yestertide;
And I myself had seen and touched
His pierced side."
From: Mountain Trailways by: Mrs. Chas. E. Cowman

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