Sunday, April 5, 2009


Do you think God hears the Prayer of the Righteous? Read this true story! During the time when China was overrun with bandits, a missionary and a clerk went to the nearest town to get money from the bank, which was necessary for carrying on their work. They reached the bank safely, got the money, and were on their return home. As night drew on they camped on top of a little hill for the night. After prayer, they lay down to rest with the box of money between them. They were very thankful in the morning to awaken and find they had not been attacked. Some months later, a brigand chief was brought into the hospital for treatment. He said to the missionary, "A little while ago you went to a certain town and brought back a lot of money." "Yes," was the reply. "And you camped at night on the top of a little hill and you had soldiers with you." "Yes, we did camp at that place for the night, but we had no soldiers with us." "Oh, but you did!" the chief continued. "We intended to rob you that night, but when we saw the soldiers we feared they would resist and we should be killed, so we left you alone. I know there were soldiers, for I counted them and there were 27." Later, when the missionary returned to England on furlough and related this story in a meeting, a man called out from the back of the Meeting Hall. "Can you tell me the date when this happened?" "Yes," said the missionary, "it is very vivid in my mind so that I shall never forget." He then gave the date. "I thought so ," said the man. "On that evening a group of us met in our church to pray especially for the missionaries in China." Then looking at his diary, he added, "And there were 27 of us present in prayer!" With our Mission Conference coming up next week my mind has been on missions and what the Lord would have us to do. I have always had a heart for missions. They are our representatives. Not only do we need to support them with money but also our prayers. I believe the story! Many times they may be in danger but because someone at home was praying they were protected. Many times a soul may be hanging in the balance and got saved because someone at home was praying. The Lord does hear the Prayer of The Righhteous!


Cathy said...

Thank is such a neat story, Aliene. God heard the prayers of those prayer warriors!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I love hearing beautiful testimonies of God's power!! What a great story. Thanks for sharing it!!