Monday, November 16, 2009

Great Give A Way

If you like to read take a trip over to Karla's blog @ This is a great give a way. By the way~ have you seen Deborah's give a way yet at If you have not ~ she has a great give a way, also. But you need to hurry because it will end soon. You will find it at This, also, is a great give a way. Take advantage. Who knows~ you just might win>


Deborah said...

Hi Aliene...make that

Thanks for posting it!

Elizabeth J. said...

Hello Ailene, I noticed that you follow the Meditations of His Love blog so I wanted to drop by to say thanks. If you'd like, feel welcome to drop by my other blogs.

Thanks for reading this comment.


Aliene said...

Deb, I knew that.Just wasn't thinking. I corrected it. Glad you brought it to my attention.

Sandra said...

This is the comment I was talking about:

LDH said...

Hi Aliene,

You asked in a comment how to post the video onto your blog: Here is what to do:

Click this link to youtube:

On youtube, Look to the right and click on embed. Right click your mouse to copy.

Head back to your blog and paste the code into your post.

Thanks for stopping by!

Kindly, ldh