Saturday, November 14, 2009

FIFTY ONE YEARSAnother year has passed and the Lord has blessed us with another year.
We will be going to eat tonight the 13th and just spend the day together tomorrow where ever the road leads. Shopping maybe?
I wrote this poem last year for our 50th. Just add one more year to it.
November 14th will be 51 years that we have been together as husband and wife. After we finished high school we were engaged, but waited for nine months to get married. We are still in love with each other, only the bond has grown stronger. Strange, but we even think alike. A lot of times read each others thoughts. We just Thank the Lord today for another year .
Fifty years is half a century For most good things to last. But we're still together and still in love, And share a wonderful past. Memories sweet, old and new Are in our hearts to stay. We give our Lord the credit For this wonderful day. Down memories lane- as we go back We know that God ordained Marriage as a Sacred Trust, Come trials, heartaches or pain. Today we celebrate fifty years And remember as we became one, It has always been Each for the Other And both for the Lord.


Deborah said...

Happy anniversary to you!
Happy anniversary to you!
Happy anniversary Aliene and Silas!
And may God bless you!
I'd phone and sing to you in person, but I've lost my voice and sound like a croaking frog.
Have a wonderful day!

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you're enjoying your day together. (Silly me, I *know* you are!)

Cathy said...

That is beautiful, Dear. Happy Anniversary!

Sandra said...

I just saw your comment on another blog about the arnica for pain. Did you ever find out where to buy it? I noticed her post was from Oct. 20th and she hasn't responded. I just googled it and they said you can get it at health food stores and Walgreens.

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

Happy belated anniversary! Hope you had the best one yet!