Monday, November 2, 2009


Comments mean so much!
It may take a little of your time. If you like the post say so, if not
say so. Sometimes I get discouraged because I don't have a comment.
I wonder what I am doing wrong. I know you pass by but it sure would make a difference if you would take just a minute and comment. Right now I need encouragement.
I told you about Deborah's give a way.@ It's ashame that you can't at least comment. If you go to her Songs from my journey you will see a video that she has put together.
This has some good devotions and other stuff on it. I know some of you stop by but would you take time to leave a word or two? You never know what it can do to lift a person up.
Are we wasting our time, should we go elsewhere -- No! forget I said that!
I am KJV and that's where I will stay. Should not we as Bible Believing
Fundamentalist try to uplift one another?
Tell me where I can help you or what I can change and I will be glad to
consider it. We are help to help each other.
So help! The light is Red which means stop and comment.
I really do love you and try to pray for you and help to lift some burdens. I know you do the same but it is just a matter of letting each other know.


Cathy said...

You aren't doing anything wrong, Dear. You always have nice posts. I hope you are feeling well. I miss hearing from you. Love and Hugs, Cathy

Deborah said...

Hi Aliene, I know how you feel...sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself! I have notieced though, that it's extremely quiet everywhere. I watch my bloglists for updates, and it seems that very few people are even posting regularly, let alone visiting other blogs. My reader numbers have gone way down lately....but that's probably because I haven't been posting regularly.
I try to visit and leave comments at a few blogs each day...even if it's just to say least they know I took the time to read their post.
Thank you for sending people my way!
By the way, a girl from my church said she saw my profile picture on YOUR sidebar, so she knew I had just been there. She doesn't comment often, even on my blog, but I know she visits regularly. Maybe things will pick up soon.

HOPE said...

I always have been encouraged by your comments left for me. They do make a difference when one has taken the time to write their post and then to find a nice comment.

I always try to go back to whoever left a comment and say HI back..and read their post. Sometimes I don't have time...

So here is my comment and HUG...

I'm taking a blogging break, but might be able to stop in..

Needful time of prayer...

God bless..


Carrie said...

I love all your posts but I rarely comment on any blogs. I am such a lurker, I dont feel like I really have anything to add. But I will start doing a better job. = )

Love & Prayers

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

I usually read blog posts on the fly with Google reader. In other words, I scroll quickly through all the ones I follow and scan for new posts. I always read your posts, but I don't always make it over to your actual blog to comment. I don't think you're doing anything wrong... it's just the nature of blogging, I think.

I also think that many people have switched to Facebook for their social interaction... commenting back-and-forth. It's much more shallow than blogging, in my opinion, but a lot of people just love it.

Debra said...

Yes, I too can be a "lurker" at times. I do so enjoy reading though. Please be encouraged!! Blessings.

Sandra said...

When I started my blog I prayed and asked God to send the people by that need to read what I have placed there. It is so easy if you check your blog often to get discouraged or feel like you don't matter if there are no comments, but what is the blog about? Let it be about God shining through you and let him send the people by, whether they comment or not. It's all about trusting him to use your blog as a tool. MANY, MANY times we are used and don't even know it. I have had people email me and say they have been reading my blog for a long time, but they have never commented. You just never know who is reading, but just trust in the Lord and leave it to him and just enjoy putting what is on your heart on your little space in the world.