Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Maze

In Baton Rouge every year there is a corn maze for the children to go through. Of course, parents go along with the smaller children. Corn is planted in a pattern and there are paths that you follow. One path leads out. The other path sometimes leads to confusion. "Where am I? Which way do I go now? I'm lost?" The teenagers from church went. They always come back with who got lost, who finished first etc. So tomorrow we will find out.
We, as Christians, sometimes, find ourselves in a maze of our own making. "Where am I? How did I get here? How do I get out?"
We, somehow missed the path the Lord had for us to follow. Do you ever get on a path that led to nowhere? You had to turn around and try to find your way back. Sometimes going around in circles?
I'm glad the Lord gives us signs to follow. Starting on a trip what is the first thing you do? Get a map and find the path for you to go to get there!
Right? Then follow the markers and signs that lead you to your destination.
The Lord has given us the Road Map , the BIBLE. There only two ways in it. The broadway that leads to destruction. The narrow way that leads to Heaven. We came to the cross roads one day and had to decide which way we would go. I'm so glad I took the narrow way.
On this way are a few mazes. We get in situations that muddle our minds
and we seem to be in a fog. Our heart is crushed at times, or maybe our friends are few. We might have a few tumbles and get discouraged. But we have Someone that leads the way and all we have to do is follow.
We were reading in our devotion this morning about the Temple being rent in twain. From the top to the botttom! That means we can enter into His Presense at any time and anywhere. We can find our way by listening to the whispers of The Blessed Holy Spirit. He will always lead us out of the maze and set our feet back on the right path.
Has your life been in a maze lately? If so, go to Jesus and let Him lead you out. He will lead you from a muddled maze to His Amazing Grace.


Deborah said...

Great devotion! Our juniours were supposed to go to a corn maze earlier this month...but it was cancelled due to our early snow storm!

Diana said...

I'm certainly glad He leads me! I can't imagine going through the maze alone.