Monday, September 28, 2009

Jesus is Always There

We never know what a day may hold. Seems for us it has been death and funerals.
We got back home and in a couple days my husband just collapsed in the dining room.
Had to call 911 and they took him to the ER. It turned out that he was de-hydrated and exhausted. A lot of it was caused from stress. He has always worked in the yard and stayed outside a lot. That is what he had been doing. Thank the Lord, he is okay. Well, at least he found out he had the heart of a 20 yr. old. Can you believe that? He vows and declares since that is what they told him ~ he can go right back out. That's where he is now.
Not me! I'm recuperating from the scare he gave me!
Our grandaughter calls and tells us her Mother-in-law passed away in the night. So I guess we have one more funeral to go to.
We never know what a day may bring forth but I'm so glad for Someone to bring all all cares to and know that He will do what is best in our life.
We can't foresee the turning of the tide When problems beset us and tears are cried. Sometimes life deals from the bottom of the deck Filling us with worry and leaving us a wreck. The enemy seeks to devour and destroy, Using deceptions to eliminate our joy. While walking through the valley, our heads hung low, The mountain top seems so high, our footsteps slow. How many times have we traveled this road To battle the frustrations of troubles bestowed? Yet when we come to our darkest hour God demonstrates His infinite power. It doesn't matter how bad things might seem, He always comes through, our faith to redeem. God will not fail us in our times of pain. He'll never forsake us, by our side He'll remain. So when we find ourselves at a total loss Or when the valley seems too wide to cross, Just remember you're in His love and care, Look over your shoulder, He's always there!


RCUBEs said...

Yes, He is always ever near! Glad to know that your hubby was fine after all! God bless.

HOPE said...

Praise God your husband is okay! and for God's presence with us that comforts at that moment!

I truly believe GOD is trying to get peoples attention...I am hearing of deaths more and more and cancer prevailing. Thank the LORD, the born again believers are always ready! Amen.

Praying for you as you go through these times and that your testimony of faith will used at these needful times.

God bless..

Ruthie said...

Glad you are both doing OK. I had to catch up on your blog after our summer of travels.
Isn't it wonderful that God is in control of our lives and we can rest in Him.