Thursday, September 24, 2009

Home At Last

Just to let you know that Silas' sister is Home At Last. She left this world with a wonderful testimony. The doctors, nurses etc. could not explain what was keeping her alive but the Lord knew. She was a blessing to everyone that saw her jolly spirit. She knew she did not have long to live, but yet you would have never known it. She was so witty. The day before she passed away ~ the nurse came in to check on Joanna. Jo opened her eyes and the nurse ask her what her name was. Joanna knew what they were doing so her reply was so serious "Susan B. Anthony." The nurse look at her and Jo smiled and told her what her name was. She was truly a saint and is now rejoicing in heaven with the love ones that have gone on. Kind of makes a person have a hankering for heaven. What will it be when we get over yonder? Hopefully we can get some much needed rest and start back into a normal life. Last November was when Mother started going down and she lasted until July 9th. On the 12th of July Joanna was put in the hospital. So we have kept our suitcase packed. I'm ready to get back into my usual house work and talking to some of you again. I've tried to keep up on KJV but not on my personal post.


HOPE said...

Thank you for this joyful testimony of one gone on to be with the LORD! Praise God for the peace that passeth all understanding! Those doctors and nurses will never forget those who die in peace and KNOWing they are assured of Heaven!

God bless you!

lady m said...

What an amazing testimony! They will remember her, I am sure.

Now, you can allow the Lord to take care of you and your dear ones. He will give you the necessary rest you need after this.


lady m

Cathy said...

I agree she was a wonderful testimony. Heaven will be like more than we could ever imagine. I am looking forward to our mansions and seeing Jesus and loved ones. Bless you, sweet sister


Deborah said...

Sorry I've not been by more, I haven't been managing to keep up with writing or reading blogs lately either.
You've had such a difficult summer, I hope you can get some rest now and soon be back into a regular routine.
Love & prayers~~~Deb