Sunday, June 21, 2009

Memories of Dad

All Dad's Children!
This was taken on Christmas Day 1988, the day we said our last good-byes to Dad.
Six children and their companions.
Twenty years have past and we still miss him.
He left with all of us a lot of memories. We share our memories now. Since I was one of the older children~ I have some memories that the younger children do not have.
He loved his kids. I remember when he drove and old log flatbed log truck.
We kids would meet him at the end of an old bumpy road and hop on the back and here we go lu-pity- do. I think he enjoyed it as much as we did. He worked hard and out in the sun. He ran a sawmill and the sun got hot. But he never complained. I remember we use to go grab a salt tablet out of a little machine. I guess we thought we were by ourselves, but Dad and his boss were laughing at us. After that we would just go get one when we were around. Like we needed salt! But it was salt licking good.
He would not put up with any foolishness. Especially at the dinner table. Sometimes we girls would get tickled about something and Mom would start laughing. He just got up from the table and went to the living room. Guess he figured he couldn't battle us all.
He corrected us when he had too, but it broke his heart. He was a tender man. All children loved him.
I remember sitting on the porch swing with him. Dad had a way of getting a message over without coming right out and saying it. Some of those talks are imprinted in my mind. Especially about whom I picked for my life's companion. He let me know in his own way that the one I was talking to was not the one. I'm glad I got the message and listened.
I know had it not been for his correction in my life ~I really don't know where I would be. I was not a little girl when Dad whipped me last. But it left a lasting impression. Let me say that he hurt my feelings rather than my behind. He let me know who was in charge and it surely was not me. He never had to whip me again. I think of him putting me on his knee and with tears running down his face saying, "I didn't want to do it but I did it because I love you." I think because of parental correction ~ I could give my will over to the Lord easier. And when trials come ~how many times can I feel my Heavenly Father whisper "I didn't want to permit this trial but I correct because I love you."
When we children were babies Dad was the ice man in town. I barely remember this. I do remember the ice house. This was before the days of refrigerators. It was back in the days of ice boxes. The ice compartment
held what, a 50 pound block of ice? I don't remember. But I do remember the big tongs that he would pick the ice up with. Everyone had an ice pick. Are those still in the stores? I don't know, but they were essential back in the ice box days.
Everyone knew Dad. They called him Red, because he had red hair. Even the nieces and nephews called him Uncle Red. His real name was Daniel Allen. Several in the family named their children after Dad. I was suppose to be Henry Allen. But since I was a girl they just called me Aliene. It is pronounce like the Al in Allen and the latter part sounds like lean. I'm always glad they didn't name me Henrietta Aliene.
He always kept mints in his pocket for the children. The grandchildren would get on his lap and the first thing they would do is reach for his pocket. They loved Paw-Paw. When great grandchildren came along ~he was Pe-Paw to them.
Dad was a early to bed, early to rise person. Most mornings he was up at 2:30 or 3 am every morning of his life. He would sit in the living room and read his Bible. He always made his coffee first. Sometimes I wonder if he didn't take a little snooze while waiting for daylight~but knowing him, probably not.
He always loved dogs. Pedigree, stray, whatever. I surely did not get that love for dogs. Most of Dad's dogs stayed outside, but he would not chain them. I like dogs from a distance. I guess my allergies have always kept me away from cats and dogs.
He caught me on top of the dresser in front of the mirror trying to stick bobby pins in my hair. I was little but I remember him saying, "Daddy's
baby girl trying to get pretty?" "No. Daddy, I just want curls." Man, doesn't pride start early in a lady's life? He could have spanked me that day but all he did was picked me up and stood me on the floor.
Oh, I'm sure I got my share of spankings sice I had four siblings under me. But Mom did most of that since Dad worked.
Oh, another thing! Every Sunday morning I had to fixed his tie for him.
Somehow it always got untied when he took it off. I also had to fix Mom's hair, start a search for lost shoes, belt, anything the younger ones lost.
Sometimes it was really a hassle to get to Sunday School on time, but we always made it.
Dad was not a man that like to open gifts in front of people. He always laid it down beside the chair and watched everyone else. Eventually he got to the place that he would open them, take a peek and lay the package on the floor by his chair.
For some reason he liked silver dimes. I remember as a small child that we had a fire and lost everything. Dad went for a search of dimes when the fire was out. Those dimes meant a lot to him because that was for his children's Christmas. Later in life he had a coin collection. I remember baking him a birthday cake and on the top I put a roll of silver dimes. That was the first thing he went for.
He had a sense of quiet humor. When my husband ask for my hand in marriage Dad simply said, "I don't give my girls away. What do you have to offer?" My husband simply said, "I'm a country boy and all I have is a pig." Would you believe when my husband came for the wedding he brought my Dad a pig? Unbelievable! I say!
Dad could chop wood until he passed away. I think my husband must have taken some lessons from Dad. He is not quite as old as Dad was, but he likes to chop wood and sweat. Ugh!
I guess I could go on ~ but I'm glad for sweet memories. I know there are so many children out there that wish for a Dad that cared. I feel so blessed that the Lord gave me the Dad He did.
Happy Father's Day Dad! We're looking forward to the day when there will be no farewells. Even though it has been over 20 years now we still miss you. We know one of your favorite songs was The Lifeboat. Well, Your Life Boat carried you safely home and we know it won't be long until our Life Boat will soon be coming to carry us safely home. Just watch for us on the banks of the river.


Samantha said...

Such a lovely tribute to your precious father, praying you have a wonderful day.

pse said...

He was a wonderful father-in-law too. I loved him dearly.

Deborah said...

Beautiful memories, Aliene! And thank you for telling how your name is pronounced...I wasn't sure about the A!

Trish said...

So beautiful Aliene! Your Daddy sounds a lot like mine...Loving their babies and instilling in them a love of the Lord! We are blessed!

lady m's lavender cottage said...

What a beautiful tribute to your father...He was a blessed man!

But more so the family and the legacy he left behing.

Many blessings to you and yours,

lady m

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

I miss him, too! He was always so much fun... teasing and playing. But we knew there were 2 things we better not mess with! His hat and his newspaper!