Monday, January 26, 2009

The lost is found!

I found my font sizes and my color back on my blogs. It was so simple.
IF you know what to do. I didn't but all you do is : See the Edit HTML
and the COMPOSE at the top? Somehow I got on the HTML and you are suppose to be on the compose. I hit COMPOSE and up popped my font sizes and my color. Now, ain't that simple? Not if you are blog illeliterate. I am liable to hit anything sometimes, and mess myself up. But once I get it - it's there! Until the next time I need to know about something. But I did not know a thing about blogging when I started n April of 2008. So~ all in all ~I guess I learnring a little about getting around here and there.
I have been at my Moms a lot the past two weeks. Took her to the doctor today. She is getting weaker and needs someone around the clock. We might find out more Wednesday~but I don't think she will ever be able to stay by herself again. But God has given her a good long life. 89 yrs and and good mind. Keep her in your prayers. Appreciate all your support and prayers. It means a lot to me!


Cathy said...

Praying for you and your mother ~

Deborah said...

hmmm...but now where did the date of your post go? I didn't even realize you had posted....I had to scroll down my bloglist to find you. Anyway, I came over to tell you I've posted my questions for the interview, so come on over!