Monday, October 13, 2008


My thoughts today have been about some good children who go astray! Seems the devil works overtime on children who have been raised in church. The devil gives them a picture of the world that seems to glitter and beckon them. I came across this song that is so fitting. TURN BACK, MY CHILD I strolled along the road one day, But it was not the narrow way, I met a stranger, He spoke to me. He said "My child, where goest there?" I said"I seek the road to worldly pleasures along the way." I said" There is so much to see, I cannot turn back, I must be free New fields to conquer as on I go." I never shall forget that day, How sad He looked as He turned away! He bowed His head and He dropped a tear. And as I journey'd on my way, I stooped to pick a lovely spray, But it was sorrow that looked so gay. And then a dark cloud rolled my way, "Twas then I heard my Savior say, "Turn back, my child, come home with with me." And then He gently took my hand, He lifted me from sinking sand, He said, "My child, believe in me." And then such beauty I beheld, I'm sure that I could never tell, "Turn back, my child, come home with me. Chorus: "Turn back, my child - for the way is very steep The things you find out there, you cannot keep. The way is filled with thorns and the things you find are cheap, Turn back, my child, come home with me." There are parents out there who are weeping over a wayward child. Remembering the days when your children were lifting their voice in praise to the Lord. Somewhere along the way they start thinking and before you know it they are grown and with a family but without God as their Leader. I'm glad we have a compassionate God! One who knows exactly how to show them the way they took is nothing but sorrow. The One who will gently lead them back to Him. A parents heart aches and bleeds for them. I wonder if they ever think that, like the prodigal son, I can do better back where I belong. And like the Father looking down the road when he suddenly spots someone coming up the road. His son! So: Don't lose heart, God is on His throne, He has promised never to leave us alone. Sometimes it seems our heart will break But we'll go on for His Namesake. Just place them in the Father's Hand He'll lift them up from seeking sand. Just my thoughts at this moment. Nothing deep, but sometimes we have to encourage ourselves and in doing so may the Lord help us to encourage somone else.


Deborah said...

Sorry I missed commenting on this yesterday! This was such a good post. You are so many parents weeping for a child gone astray. I'd like to use this as a 'snippet' if you don't mind.

Ruthie said...

Very nice post. That's a great song, too. I'm sure it will encourage many bloggers who need those words of encouragement.


Anonymous said...

It is my hope that the loss of ease coming our way, here is the USA, will help turn the wayward back to repentance. I certainly pray along those lines. My husband last evening said to me, "Sweetheart, do you remember the Proverbs 31 woman rejoices at the time to come?" I was convicted. Thanks for the post!

Linda said...

Hello, I am looking for the music to the song "Turn back my child". I friend of mine would like to have the music to give to her friend who would like to sing this song.