Saturday, October 11, 2008

Crystal Pitcher

Another - you guess! The bottom is about 6 inches around , has the grove on it to set the pitcher in. The handles are more in a square.
The pitcher has etched flower and leaf around and you can see the lines that run up and down. I kn0w it is made for something to pour beause of the pouring spout. It has patent on the bottom , where the pitcher sits.
It has 6-20-16 and an H inside a diamond shape. I wondered if that was the date it was made and what the H stood for. Any ideas, anyone?
If you do let me know, It just sits side the pie safe. But I would really like to know its story.


Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

Hmm... I have no idea! But it's an interesting piece, isn't it? We could make up uses for it! How 'bout ranch dressing in the pitcher with baby carrots in the dish? Or cream in the pitcher and sugar cubes in the dish? Maybe syrup in the pitcher and butter below?

Dori said...

I don't know either but I like Karla's ideas. It sure is pretty!

Susie said...

It's lovely, but I don't have a clue.
Could it be for syrup?
Thanks for the birthday wishes..

Sharon said...

That is so cute! However, I don't know anything about it. Have you tried googling to find out?

Barbara said...

Hummmmmmm well I am not sure either, but it sure is a gorgeous piece, perhaps EBay would show you, not a clue here. Hugs Barbara