Monday, October 3, 2011


Several have ask about this song.  Someone was looking for the music.  I have the music to this and would be glad to send it to you.   
I strolled along the road one day,
But it was not the narrow way, 
I met a stranger, He spoke to me.
 He said "My child, where goest there?"
I said"I seek the road just now 
 To worldly pleasures along the way." 
There is so much to see, 
I cannot turn back,
I must be free
  New fields to conquer as on I go." 
I never shall forget that day, 
How sad He looked as He turned away!
  He bowed His head and He dropped a tear. 
And as I journey'd on my way, 
I stooped to pick a lovely spray,
But it was sorrow that looked so gay.  
And then a dark cloud rolled my way, 
"Twas then I heard my Savior say
 "Turn back, my child, come home with with me."  

And then He gently took my hand, 
He lifted me from sinking sand, 
He said, "My child, believe in me."
And then such beauty I beheld,
 I'm sure that I could never tell,  
"Turn back, my child, come home with me.
   "Turn back, my child - for the way is very steep  
The things you find out there, you cannot keep. 
The way is filled with thorns and the things you find are cheap, 
Turn back, my child, come home with me." 


Prairie Rose said...

Hi, Aliene!
So nice to visit your blog!
I am enjoying reading it and getting to know you more.
My name is Hesper and I am from the Circle Letters that Kathleen started!

Barbara said...

I really like that one, I had never heard it either, thanks for sharing. Hugs

jerittm said...

Would love to get a copy of the music to Turn Back, My Child