Sunday, October 9, 2011

 I posted this on KJV blog and thought I would share it here.

 "Who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross."    Hebrews 12:2

Taking up one's cross means simply that you are to go to the road which you see is the straight one;

Carrying whatever you find is yours to carry, as well and stoutly as you can:  without making faces, or calling the people to come and look at you.  Above all, you are neither to load or unload  yourself,

nor cut your cross to your own liking.  Some people think it would be better  to have it large; and many, that they could carry it much faster if  it was large, and even those who like it largest  are usually very particular about it's being ornamental, and made of black ebony.

All you have to do is keep your back as straight as you can, and not think of what is upon it - above it-

not to boast of what is upon it.   

It is not His cross that is heavy,
It is those our hands have made.
That hinder us on our journey,
On our aching shoulders laid;
There is strength for the load He gives us
And balm for the thorn  He sends,
 But none for the needless burdens
And none for our selfish ends.

For His yoke is easy to carry
And His burden is light iin weight:
He will do His share of the labor,
For He is true yoke mate.
Are we weary and heavy laden?
Are we anxious and full of care?
That is not the cross of His giving,
But the one we make and bear.

I don't know  who wrote this poem but it is true.  Sometimes we carry needless burdens  and they get mighty heavy.  But if we yoke up with Jesus He carries the heavy end.    I have found this so true in my life.  When the burden got too heavy I knew I was trying to carry it by myself.   But His yoke is easy, His burden is light.  I found it so, I found it so.  He leadeth me by day and by night where living waters flow. 
Have a blessed Lord's Day! 


Anita said...

Aliene, I love your post for today. I needed a reminder that I don't need to carry the burdens all alone.

Anonymous said...

This post was a blessings. Thank you for your encouraging words to me. Your kindness means so much. Blessings!

Julie Page said...

Thanks Aliene, this is something I needed to hear.

Barbara said...

Such a powerful post, thank you Aliene, you are such an encouragement to me, the scripture is so filled with what we need, love you much, be blessed and have a great day..

Goose Hill Farm said...

What a great post and a great reminder that we don't need to do it all alone....Jesus is right there!