Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Lord washed the earth last night.  It rained all night long up into the morning.  We really needed it.  All the colors are coming  alive outside.  Spring has definitely arrived.
I love to watch flowers pick up their heads to the sun.  I think I have several amaryllis  that are ready to pop out of their buds anytime. 

My computer crashed again.  I lost all my documents graphics etc.  Everything except what was on Internet.
It did not mess up my blog.  Silas re-programed it but I have not felt like writing.  I am better with my IBS but still not up to par.  I have to go to my Gastro doctor today.  It is just a followup.  Seems all my energy is sapped.  Maybe getting out will help.

The home schooling with my grandson is coming along fine.  He got his first nine weeks grades and his lowest was a 97.  He has been trying to double up on some of his subjects.  As long as he does fine on his quizzes and test I let him go.  

Just wanted to let you know I am still around.  Hopefully I will get back into blogging more often in a few days.  Just pray that this physical problem will clear up completely.


Child of God said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better! Your grandson's marks are amazing! Hats off to him!!


Deborah said...

Hi Aliene, Good to hear from you, and that your feeling a little better. Sounds like the home schooling is going good!
We have our revival and teen conference on so it's a busy week.
Talk to you again soon!