Monday, October 18, 2010

Magnify the Lord with me!


Did you to church yesterday with your cup right side up?  Did you bring your saucer?  Can I tell you both of mine were full and running over!   God has been blessing and blessing and keeps blessing.  Yesterday morning we had a very unusual service.  He is stirring the waters!  Souls are being saved.  Church members are realizing that they were never truly saved.  One man with a family, faithful in church all his life, doing what he thought the Lord wanted him to do ~ realized through the dealings of the Holy Spirit that he had never been saved.  Sobbing, he went forward, prayed and came back rejoicing.  A teenager, brought up in the church had accepted Christ as her Savior , she thought.  But God  dealt with her in Sunday School and during the main service she came forward. And elderly gentleman  wanting assurance of his salvation. God is sending new people and a young married man went forward for salvation.  We thank God for what He is doing. At least three were saved yesterday and one baptized. 
Last Sunday we had 347 in the service. We are going to start a building program in the near future.  Our Sanctuary  is full.   Also, we have several Junior Churches going on in the back.  They are having service at the same time.  So you can imagine what it is on Sunday Nights when all the children are in there!  

 I just had to share what God is doing.  My heart is full and over flowing.  We serve a faithful God whose mercies are new every day. 


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Wonderful news! We had such an outpouring of the Holy Spirit yesterday as well. So much that I had to stop playing the piano and enter in. Was a beautiful time and a beautiful sermon!

Belinda Jo Adams said...

Nice to meet you, Aliene. We had a good service yesterday. Our preacher has been preaching some heart-stirring sermons lately. They are always good, but it seems there must be a movement among us. I hope so!

Jocelyn said...

That's wonderful! I can tell that your church is a blessing to you and the rest of your church family.

Dee said...

What good news...this is news you can not help but share. :)