Friday, September 3, 2010

This is the throw after I finished it.  The black block has my son's initials and the year.  This was so easy to do.  I did it in my spare time in two weeks.  One Christmas present down.

I am in the process of  finishing my pillows that I quilted.  These will be for gifts also.  I will post them when I get them done.  

I have been having computer problems.  I am using my husbands computer now.  For some reason I am going through the same thing as before on my blog.   The border is gone and I cannot download pictures.  Silas is working on mine right now. to see if he can restore and get things going again.

I can comment but the gizmo is on the blink again.  I have tried to get this much on my blog but was unsuccessful.   I did not know if  Silas had what I needed, but he did. 

I will try and get something on here soon.  In the meantime I hope and pray each of you have a blessed weekend.

Always, Aliene


Dee said...

Someone is going to be very happy at Christmas Ailene...your quilted throw is great. I can relate to your computer woes. I will probably have my problems till I move to another place with better internet service. I finally have the time to post on my blog and the weather will not let me. Happens every time. :(

pse said...

Great job Aliene!

Deborah said...

I hope you get your computer fixed soon, Aliene.
The throw is very nice!

Barbara said...

Very gorgeous Ailene, I love the quilts, never had the patience to work on them though, hugs my friend, Barbara