Monday, September 27, 2010


Do you have a particular cup you like to drink out of?

Do you have a cup like this in your cabinet?
I know, you would pitch it out.  I tried several times but it just did not work.   It was my husbands favorite coffee cup.  He drank coffee out of this cup for probably 20 years.  

It was a  spare cup our neighbor had when we lived in town.  For some reason  Silas liked this cup.  I wish I knew what  made him tick about this particular
cup!   At first it had a chipped lip.  Then over the years a crack started slowly down the side.  I mean, coffee would seeped through.  You can see the line. But that did not matter to him.  He wanted to enjoy his love affair with his cup and only half cup of coffee with nothing in it.  Ugh!  Taste like Quinine to me.  Well, guess I need to say it was bitter.  I have no idea what quinine taste like.  That's all he drinks at one time.  He is finished almost before I get started.  I like to savor my coffee. and  enjoy it with Splenda and creamer. 

I have a particular kind of cup I like to drink out of .  I had a set of four back in the  80's.  It is more like an old fashion coffee cup.  It is Corelle, round, not tall, with a good handle that you can grip.  I had one left and finally one day I found one more at a yard sale.  So I had two.  Then I went in a thrift store and found six for $.3.00,  Man, I was in business!  Still am!   But  more than the shape of the cup ~ it keeps coffee warm longer.  See, I have a good bonifide reason for my cup.  While the cracked cup was useless.  Well, almost!

 We always looked for a cup like the cracked cup.  Finally, one day, we found our "treasure".  Oh yes, now I can throw the old thing away.  Nothing doing!  He still wanted his cracked cup.  The found treasure went in the cabinet.

Finally, a few weeks ago the crack cup met it demise.  He held it like it was a baby.  Then, kerplunk!  It cracked clear through and was finished.  But remember~ he still has the "treasure" he found.  Now he finally  can drink coffee in a cup without a crack.  He said at first, coffee just did not taste the same in the newer one. 

I remember as a child that our handles would come off our cups and they may have had a small crack.  But we use them out of necessity.  But what makes someone drink out of a cracked cup is beyond me.  It surely is not all we have.  I have a cabinet full of cups that never get used.   

Our grandson comes over to drink coffee.  I noticed that he has a certain mug he wants for his coffee.  If he can't find it  ~~ he looks until he does.  Not another guy to try and figure out!   
Tell me, how any of you ever had this dilemma?   Or do I just have a bunch of "nutty guys" around here?

Always,  Aliene


Cathy said...

lol, that is funny. It does look like a sturdy cup. I like to drink from different cups. Thanks for visiting me. Blessings ~

Patrina's Pencil said...

funny - too funny - I'd say you have a bunch of 'nutty guys' around your house. :) didn't know guys were that particular. I sure know I am though. gotta have my coffee mug with the lid and it has to be warmed in the 'Micki mike' before - so it's piping hot before I pour coffee into it! :) Maybe I'm 'nutty' too.

Patrina <")>><

RCUBEs said...

They must have find comfort in those kind of things that we, women don't see :)...God bless.

Yaya Yarns said...

Some of life's biggest blessings come in the smallest and most unusual packages. Hope he "breaks in" his new cup soon!

Deborah said...

hmmmm...I commented hours ago, but don't see it here!

Dori said...

Daddy has a favorite cup too...he found MY kitchen cabinet and took it right on home with him. then when he was hear the next time he wanted it's mate to drag home with him...I'm making him wait! LOL

Dee said...

Odd, but normal. I think it is sweet...and if I was you I would keep and cherish that old cup.:)

Anonymous said...

Hello Aliene,
This old cracked cup post so much reminded me of my dear mother's cracked teacups I chose to take upon her death this past January. It was such a hard time for me. My sisters and I went through her things, and each of us had our 'moments' of breaking down. But today I have several wonderful things that were hers; worn out, chipped, wobbly -- it doesn't matter. MOM had them!
Thanks for the heart of it.