Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vacation and a Question!

 We Are getting ready to hit the road.  Going to Arkansas for a week or so.  I will get to hear my brother preach again.  We always enjoy going there. to see Darrell and Pallie.  They live in the hills of Arkansas where you can really get lost if you are not sure of the way.  The winding roads, sometimes paths, swirling around until sometimes you feel like you are going in circles.

We always enjoy going to their house.  It is peaceful and quiet.  Pallie and I have a lot of things of interest so no telling what we will get into this time.  A couple years ago we got a waxer at a flea market and waxed our feet and hands.  It sure felt good.  We might work on figuring out a quilt.  Rather Pallie does.  She figures how wide my strips and border has to be.  We crochet on wash clothes one time.  Then, of course, lose the boys and do our own thing.  Might be thrifting , might be sales, might be just piddling around the house and reminiscence over the past or the present.  Might be easing our way down in her cellar where I go very carefully.  They found a snake skin there one time and I have  a deathly fear of them boggers.  So every sound I hear I just know that's what it is.  But I brave it just to look at her  "stuff."  Last time we went and got scrapes for me to bring home for a quilt.

Pallie is a professional seamstress.  That was her sewing  room at one time.  Oh, the "stuff" she has down there!  Almost like a yard sale.  Some sentimental for her and some that needs to be thrown away, like I need to throw stuff out.  Sometimes with pain and agony I will let go of something that has no value whatsoever and may be yellow with age, but because my children gave me these things when they were small, you can imagine the agony!  Except for you that likes to keep everything  cleaned out.  About all I cleaned is the dirt and dust.  Maybe if I would get rid of more stuff I would not have to dust so often.  Oh well, that's for another day.

I have a thought to share.  Now, some of you are smarter than I am and may already know.  My husband and I were talking a couple days ago on the twelve disciples.  How Jesus chose twelve men out of a throng of men and set them up as the men to evangelize the world.  We usually think of the twelve together as a group.  But we talked about certain ones and their characteristics.  Why some are mentioned several times in the Bible but yet we have to use our imagination on some of them.  How many times is Andrew mentioned  in the Bible?  Yet, I believe he was  the first to follow Jesus.  He led Peter to Jesus and  we hear a lot about Peter.  Not much mention of Andrew.  As with some of the others, some were mentioned a lot and some very little.  Yet they all had a part in getting the gospel out.

I got interested in them as individuals and starting looking in my books and found some insights into them as individuals.   As I began acquainted with the faults and hopes of each one,  it made me more aware that the Lord will not despair of us in our faults and failures.

Here is the question!  Which disciple had three names and why was his name changed three times?  Some of you may know  ~ so if you do just comment and say I know.  Let others figure it out.  This is nothing profound.  I just found it interesting.   I'll reply when we get back home. 


Dori said...

Oh this just cracks me up!!! That "cellar" hold MANY childhood memories for us. Excpet we called it a basement. We put up quilt frames and quilted quilts and sewed new clothes for camp meeting one summer. We sewed down there because there was no A/C and it was cooler than the house.

Andrea said...

Blessings and prayers,

Barbara said...

Andrew is mentioned 13 times and in 12 different verses. The diciple that had 3 names was Peter,Peter is mentioned first. However, Peter had other names. At the time of Christ, the common language was Greek and the family language was Hebrew. So his Greek name was Simon (Mark 1:16; John 1:40, 41). His Hebrew name was Cephas (1 Corinthians 1:12; 3:22; 9:5 and Galatians 2:9). The Greek meaning of Simon is rock. The Arabic meaning of Cephas is also rock. Peter was martyred on a cross. Peter requested that he might be crucified head downward for he was not worthy to die as his Lord had died.
That is some good scripture search, thanks for the challenge, and sweetie have a great time on your vacation, sure will miss you, love you much, and hope your day is a blessed one, Hugs and blessings, Barbara

HOPE said...

Your vacation sounds like so much fun! can't wait to hear of the treasures you bring back home ..either from thrifting or just chatting!



Barbara said...

I am still reading and trying to find the Disciple with 3 names, lol Is it Jude, He was also called Thaddaeus or Lebbaeus.
I thought it was Peter, (he does have 3 names too)
Hugs hope it is right, I did a lot of searching in this one, good bible reading for sure, thanks for the incentive to look deep in the book, hugs my friend

Connie Arnold said...

Hope you're having a great trip! We go to Arkansas once in a while to visit relatives there. It's a lovely state. The disciples are interesting, and it seems like several of them had more than one name. None of them was perfect, and it's encouraging to know how the Lord used them in spite of their faults.

Deborah Ann said...

Wow, I sure learned a lot about the disciples! I'm always amazed by John, maybe because he reclined on Jesus chest. I was so taken aback by that, that I wrote a devotional about it. Those are sure some interesting men!

BECKY said...

Hi Aliene! Just wanted to stop by and say HI! Things around my place have been a fluster for sure, but saw your name and knew I hadn't visited for awhile. Hope all is well with you and yours!

Love this about the disciples! I'm with Barb I say Peter!

Hope your week is full of joy!!

Rebecca said...

Interesting post - (and good to "meet you")!

So much that is UNsaid in Scripture...maybe to keep us curious and growing?

Enjoy your vacation. I look forward to future interchange :)