Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Camp Meeting!

  "A Nation In Need"
                         Proverbs 14:34  "Righteous exalted a nation:  but sin is a reproach to any people."
We start our camp meeting Sunday.  The theme is 
A Nation in Need.
It officially starts Monday night but people start coming in Sunday.
I am not going to really comment on our Nation.  I'll leave that for the preachers.  I want to tell you what camp meetings have meant to me.
I don't remember missing but one and I was expecting our son.
I look back over the years and I can see what it has done in my life.
I remember months before camp would come I would start sewing. 
Our camp meetings were outside under a big tabernacle. Saw dust trails! Home made benches and altar and podium. 
There were cabins and dorms all over the place.  Campers pulling in.  I know it was hot weather but it did not matter to us.  We were not use to air conditioners back then.  It was during those meetings that help us to get our feet down spiritually.  It was a time when the Lord would  honor us with His Presence and encouraged the saints.  
We would hear praying in the night coming from the Tabernacle.
The older saints set the example. 
As I was a teen ager~ I remember the young people out under the tabernacle praying.  I remember we were praying for a certain young person that the Lord was dealing with.  Finally around midnight the evangelist came over to us and told us to go and get some rest, the Lord had heard our prayer.   During the night in the wee hours of the morning we heard shouting and praising God.
Someone came and told us that the young gentleman was under such conviction that he got the other boys in the dorm up to pray with him.  You can imagine the sleep we got.

I probably could tell you a lot more but I am going to fast forward.
I was  sixteen and had met a young man.  He was at that camp.  When we all were back home he starting writing to  me.  His Dad was a pastor in North Louisiana.  We wrote and he would call me once in a while.  This went on until we graduated from high school.
He came down for my graduation and needless to say ~he proposed to me the evening before.  That was March 31.  We got married the following November.  

Then we started our little family in church and going to camp meetings.  They grew up knowing the shouts of the saints as we did.

We still look forward to camp meeting.  It is a little different now.
No, it's a lot different!  We now have air conditioned buildings
and dining hall.  I can't say I miss the heat!  I surely don't.  It  gets mighty hot here in South Louisiana.

We do need to pray for our nation as well.  We are surely in need.
But we have a God! 


Barbara said...

Praise God for those Holy Ghost Camp meetings, I so remember them, some are still like that, when the man preaching is completely surrendered to the will of God, and not just show boating or blabbing what he thinks the folks need, I love hearing a preacher from the heart, by the leading of the Holy Spirit of God, so rare any more, then we wonder why more are not being saved, the preachers have even left their first love,
great messsage here my friend, thank you for Spirit of truth and love for all, lots of hugs and blessings, Barbara

Deborah said...

Hi Aliene, Our camp meeting is July 21 -25. Up until a couple of years ago we had a big tent for the dining hall, but now that we have the gymnasium, everything is held indoors. We camped on the grounds one year, but most years we have people stay with us. It's great to meet people from all across Canada and folks that come up from the states too.
Have a blessed time this week!

~~Deby said...

I would love to go to them...nothing much like that here...in January the closet thing is Preacher's Delight in another town close by....are they being taped or do they have a live feed where you could send me a link...I would love it..

Aliene said...

Deby, The preaching and singing will be taped DVD during every service.
I will be glad to send you some. I will wait until after camp.

I know we will have good singing as we have a lot of talented people.
Sometimes the Lord moves during the singing and our pastor is one that will step back and just let the Lord move. We are blessed.

Peggy said...

I haven't been to a camp meeting in several years. I remember going as a child and as young parents taking my daughters. The message from the preacher seemed to be aimed right at me every time. The overflowing of spirit as I left gave me goose bumps. They still have them at my church in the mountains but here they don't have them. Will have to check other churches and see. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am in Fayetteville, NC but was born and raised in the western mountains of NC. Miss my mountains and family there a lot but gives me a reason to visit. :)

Anonymous said...

Joining you in prayer for our nation and it's leaders!
Looking forward to the inspirations you will have to share from your Camp Meeting!