Monday, May 24, 2010


 This is a picture of the table I fixed for John (our grandson)
to display at church last night.  Our two Seniors were honored
with a big cake and all the ladies brought finger foods.   Notice the coke boxes.  A hole was slit in the top for any cards they might receive.  If you look in the left hand corner you will see John's outfit that he wore home from the hospital.  He was early so the little blue outfit is a preemie. He is funny anyway.  He picked it up and held it to one shoulder and it barely came to his elbow. The had fun with the helium balloons.  They cut a hole in them and breathed in for a few seconds and tried talk.  They sounded like Donald Duck. 

 This is John and Benjamin holding their cake.  We were anxious there lest the cake divide.  But they made it.

  This a closer look at the collage.   It was fun putting it together.  I had some stickers of the little movie Cars.  Guess it didn't suit his fancy.  He ask me about Ninjas.  I ask him what in the world did he want turtles.  He laughed and I knew I said something wrong.  "Nanny, don't you know what a Ninja is."  "Yep ~turtles."   "No, Nan , come here and let me show you."   I found out it was some kind of martial arts or something like that.  Oh well, what do we Granny's know?  This one can't keep up with this generation anyway.

Keep John and Ben in your prayers.  They are both good boys.  Have not gone out in into the world and tried things.  They seem to be happy just serving the Lord.  I know they will face what the real world is like, but they were challenged last night by our Youth pastor to keep their guard up. 
The Youth Choir sang and the Lord move upon the service again.
People praying around the altar. Special singing.  More people going to pray.  Tears were shed and God was there.  We had a lot  of visitors. I'm sure they did not expect a graduation to turn out like that.  But what a blessing..! 

As the message was being preached he brought out that only 25%
of teenagers stay in church.  I looked up the graduates and prayed "Lord,  please let them be in that 25%."   We have to keep a wall of prayer about them.


Anonymous said...

Awww... It looks like you all gave them a beautiful celebration. Oh how quickly they grow up.
Praying that both of these boys will not only be in that 25% but that they will move forward in the power and might of the Lord and do great things for Him.

Barbara said...

Oh Aliene that is wonderful looks like such a fun party, I have one next month graduating, lots of hugs, hey I see you got your blog straightened out, I am happy, wish I could of been more help/
Love ya, Barbara

Lynda Young said...

What a wonderful celebration. Only 25% teenagers stay in church? That is such a low percentage. I pray that these two boys stay and shine with God's glory.

Deborah said...

Amen! Keep praying for them!
The display and cake look wonderful!