Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Success Story

Aren't these Amaryliss beautiful? My Mom had a big pot of them. They were gorgeous. After they bloom they make a big pod full of seed. I have never had a green thumb but one year I took a pod, took the little seed out and fixed up an old
cast iron Bar-B-Q grill. I just sprinkle the seed and left them along. In the spring of the next year we noticed little sprigs that looked like grass. We let them grow and finally knew my seed had come alive. This is the product of my one success story. My husband has plenty stories. He just naturally has a green thumb.
The pink one is a double. Makes four blooms on one stalk. I had gotten my Mom one for her birthday last year and I got one for myself.
Mom commented on how she enjoyed watching them unfold. When she passed away in July I got the one I gave her and put them in a bigger pot. Now I will need to re-pot again. Every time I look at this beautiful pink I think of Mom watching them every day. She couldn't get over how they kept blooming. They have mutiplied and now there is about 4-5 new stalks coming up. I am going to put them on a big planter and give them plenty room to grow.


Deborah said...

They're beautiful! They look very much like dad's favorite.

pse said...

Beautiful! I want a start of the pink one. Mine are all red.

Grammy Blick said...

Beautiful! I have a black thumb. My children know that I could make plastic flowers wilt. I doubly enjoy your success!

Barbara said...

They are beautiful blooms, Hugs and love you girl, mine are red and Orange too