Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bonnet Girl Blocks

A few blogs back I showed you the Bonnet Girl quilt pieces that my Mom had left and after she was gone and things were being cleaned out ~ I came across a box that I thought was old cards. In the bottom were quilt pieces. It turned out to be a Bonnet Girl Pattern except Mom had cut her own. I wanted to do something with them but could not figure it out without a lot of trouble. I brought it with me to my sister-in-laws when we went to Arkansas last week and we worked with it. The sleeves that I thought were shoes was the problem.
Finally she took a sleeve and trimmed it down some and tah-da! We then cut little boots and put a little lace and we were on the way. I started heating and bonding until I have 25 squares that we needed. They is a variety of colors. I will strip them and then quilt them. Hopefully! I
always dreaded quilting but now that I am into it I am almost obessed with it. I need to go to the store and fine something to strip it with and get the lining and the batting. I know they don't look like a pattern I have but Mom cut these and I wanted to do it her way. I will let you know later how it comes out. Hey! Quilting is fun! I guess! I have not actually started quilting - but I know I am already hooked.
Be sure and go back and look at the give a way I have!


Barbara said...

Oh that is so very precious, and piece of your mom in each one, hugs and happy quilting, let us know how it goes, and how you do like it once you do it.. Hugs Barbara

Sewn With Grace said...

Hi Aliene! Thank you for your comment on my blog today. I stopped by to see your beautiful quilt blocks. What a treasure to have found them and know that your Mother's dear hands made them. I look forward to seeing how it all turns out. Have a blessed Sunday!

Susan said...

So cute, and such a special thing for you to have! My mother-in-law loves the sunbonnet girls pattern.

A Gardner's Cottage said...

Don't you just love an old box! What a sweet surprise. I have a quilt that my grandma made. She had found alot of her old clothes and the clothes that my dad and his siblings had worn as children. She cut them up, sewed them up and then quilted a quilt for each of her grandkids. I cherish that sweet quilt!!! Have a sweet day. ~Nancy~