Thursday, February 11, 2010

Reaching for the Son

This has been a dreary day. A light sleet outside, no sunshine, fire going in fireplace, and soup. We may get snow tonight and tomorrow. Guess I'm glad for the kids sake but I decided when it snowed in December that I would rather have the rain. I saw a slight sign of spring with the red bud trees budding. The birds huddling and looking for food. Snow might cover everything and make it look clean but at least with rain it drains off and we can still see green. We have a few pine trees left. I noticed how they are way up above the other trees. They stay green at the top. When the other trees are in full bloom it's as if the pine trees are stretching for the sun. As if to say to the other trees "Don't think you are going to get all the sunshine~ I'll just climb a little higher." I think it's that way in our Christian life. Something gets between us and the Son and to get a glimpse of Jesus we have to push whatever it is out of the way and keep the way clear between our souls and the Savior. To get to the Son means growth. I want to grow in The Lord, don't you? Glad our growth in the Lord doesn't depend on outward circumstances. The weather may be gloomy, the sun doen't peek through~ but we can still have the joybells ringing in our heart!


Deborah said...

I'm getting pretty tired of the snow here...I haven't seen snowbanks so high in a long time....but, I still prefer snow over rain...especially in cold weather...of course here that means ice!
Yes, no matter what our circumstances, no matter how high the snowbanks, we can still reach up to the Son. Amen!
Oh, and I love your new signature!

Keith and Julie Loveless said...

I'm glad that God's forgiveness and grace allow us to push through to the Son! Nice signature.