Monday, March 29, 2010

Pants Hangers

I'm in a silly mood so here goes one of my silly talks. I get in a tizzy now and again to write something profound. How much more profound than every day things? One day I just might surprize you with something really profound.
Do many of you remember clothes flapping in the breeze to dry? What about pants hangers? Wire spread out to put the legs of the boys jeans
into to make a seam that looked ironed. You know what I think? They need to re-surface. Why? If you know what I am talking about ~ and have used them ~ then I know about how old you are.
I had three brothers and I hated to iron jeans. I was the one that ironed, but somehow jeans always twisted just when I thought I had them right. The side seam wound up almost in the front. But with the pants stretchers ~ and that is what they did, stretched because you could pull the waist out from size what? Maybe 24-45 inches. I don't remember!
I have wished at times we had skirt stretchers. What size do you wear?
Well, let me think! How far did I pull the waist, uh,uh.. Oh yea, I wear a size 14. No.. Size 16! I dare not go to a 12 because , well, can't hide that much. What about the hips? Oh well, just as well go on and say the hips stretched, too.
Now we have dryers that shrink the clothes. What? My size 14, uh~ I mean 16 has shrunk to a 12. I can't even think about not being able to wear that any more! Well, you just have to learn what to put in the dryer and what to hang on a hanger and let it dry. Then stretch it as far as you can and it may be lose on you ~I mean on me! Don't that feel good? I mean this top is absolutely to big for me. I must be loosing weight.
Ever try that mind game?
I guess at this age in life it is wistful thinking to want to lose weight. Just to maintain is my goal. I just don't have the incentive to lose because of the insulin I have to take. Oh well, you have to have something to blame, don't you?


Grammy Blick said...

Pant stretchers were great -- did have to iron the pockets a bit. The smell of sheets just off the line remain unmatched. Clothes don't shrink near as much and we get more exercise. Of course, rain and wind sure interferred!

Barbara said...

Heehee too funny, love your explainations, but indeed I do remembering hanging clothes out on the line, when I was a young wife and mother we did not have a dryer, I did all the diapers and all the baby clothes everything outside on clotheslines. Those were the days, snuggles does not compare to the smells we used to have when hanging them out, oh I do miss that, the whites sparkled, and the colors shined, was so proud of our wash then. Thank you for the pondering on this.
Hugs my Friend, Barbara

Dee said...

Yep..I remember doing my own diapers, stiff towels and having to iron creases into pants. Have you ever ironed a pleated skirt? I like Grammy Bicks reminder that we did get more exercise, but give me a dryer any day. And I can soooo relate to your weight issue. :(