Monday, November 9, 2009

"Look Daddy, I have a cap like yours. Did we both have a bad hair day?"
Cadon Michael Sanchez
Born: Saturday November 7 At around 7 P. M. 5 pounds
Son of Christopher and Nicole Sanchez
We are so thankful that Cadon arrived safe and sound. He gave us a fright about 5 weeks ago.
Christopher and Nicole were in Houston, Texas when Nicole's blood pressure sky rocket.
She had preclampsia and was put in the hospital for almost a month. She finally got to come home on the 1st of November. One week later little Cadon made his appearance. So our Saturday was spent at the hospital.
Just thought I would share this. I don't usually put family pictures on here very much.
Christopher is our grandson and little Cadon is our 6th great grandchild. Did I really say great?
Wow! How time flies. I am so anxious to get ahold of little Cadon. I did hold him a few minutes.
So tiny! Like a little china doll.


Jennifer said...

He's a little cute bundle of joy:)

Deborah said...

Congrats Great Grandma! Cute photo,I'm glad you posted it.

Cathy said...

A precious picture ~ Congratulations great grandmother!

Carrie said...

He is adorable, Congrats.

Brenda said...

Congratulations Grandma Great. I just stopped by connecting from your comment on Donna's Booknook. We are expecting a new grand in May. What a blessing. I know we don't name the babies but I do love the name Cadon. Blessings.

Dee said...

Hi Aliene, Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment.:) I love having visitors and hope you will come back sometime. Congratulations on your 6Th little (and he is little)grand child.He is adorable. You have a very pretty and comforting blog. I will be back to visit . Blessings. Dee

Theresa's Notes said...

Just letting you know I'm blogging again.

Thank you, Theresa

P.S my blog is no longer private