Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I guess the Lord has been speaking to me about praying more for our missionaries. Sunday morning in Sunday School I was telling my nine year old bus girls about foreign missions. They seemed a little confused.
This is a fairly new class. I have a world wide mission map in the class. One little bus girl said "Oh, like those countries on the map." The lesson was on the parable of the stewarts and their talents.
Then when the message comes up Sunday night ~ our pastor spoke on Faith Promise Missions . So far the Lord has helped us to keep ours up to date. Anyway, Pastor's message was taken from 3 John. He brought out the 8th verse as the text. "We therefore ought to receive such, that we might be fellowhelpers to the truth. "
Fellowhelpers! He brought out that the wellbeloved Gaius was pastor
of the church. Then Diotrephes in v.9 who wanted to have the preeminence . He wanted to be first. He said some harsh words and those that did not agree ~he wanted to put them out of the church. (Know anyone like that?) But John was saying ! Don't follow those that are evil but those that doeth good.
Then he brought out Demetrius who had a good report of all men.
Wouldn't you like for that to be said about you? I wonder, when I passed from the scene ~ what will people say about me! May the Lord me to live in such a way that something good will be remembered.
Fellowhelpers! How can we help our fellow man. Especially those on the mission field. He said a lot more but somehow "Fellowhelpers by sending missionaries in our place" stuck in my mind.
Then Monday I got on kjvblogs.blogspot.com and Susan Hutchins had written about their work as missionaries in Canada. Did you know that Canada is a big mission field? I did not realize that until read her entry.
Go by and read her post.
Seems like all day Sunday the word "Missions" came up. Would you rather stay home and give and pray or would you rather go and sacrifice for the sake of the gospel. Our missionaries not only have cultural shock when they get to a field ~ but their whole way of life changes. How would you like to be in cold Canada right now? As far as I hear there is a need for more missionaries there. Will you pray that the Lord supply the need there and on all mission fields.
We have several couples from our church that will be leaving for the mission field. They are out raising their support now. We, as laymen , have a responsibility to those that are on a missin field field and those that are going. May God help us to be faithful fellowhelpers.


Deborah said...

Thanks for spreading the word, Aliene. It would be wonderful if all bloggers would do the same....but even more important, get the message to every pastor in every church, that they can let their people know.
When you meet someone called to missions,why not ask, "Have you considered Canada?"
God may just use your question to direct them.
Now if I was asking the question, I'd say,"Have you considered Manitoba?" :0)

Deborah Ann said...

Hi Aliene,

Thanks for joining me at Poetry and Paradise. I usually spend more time at my other blog (www.heavenlyhumor.blogspot.com) and I hope you'll visit me there.

Great post! I hope to enter the mission field myself someday, so I found this very interesting...