Friday, October 16, 2009

Teaset and China Cabinet

This is a tea set that Mom had for years. I always told her she had to leave it to me. So I got it, but frankly I would rather have Mom if she could Have been in good health. But God knows best and He took her Home. I seriously doubt china cabinets or tea sets are on her mind now. I googled the pattern but have not come across it yet. If anyone knows please let me know. As for the china cabinet to the left ~ I think everyone in the family had their name behind it. I did not put my name because I had no hopes of getting it. It seem to be the most~ what I would call ~sentimental piece of furniture in the house. Thanks to my brothers and sisters ~ it was passed on to me. I am so thankful to them. Everytime I look at it I get teary eyed. It makes me think of Dad first. He got this for Mother way before he passed away ~ which will be 21 years Christmas Day. Then I really think Mom enjoyed all of us telling her ~ well, maybe not everyone, but me telling her just where I would put it. I did not have a clue that I would ever get it. Then my siblings who so graciously gave up their claim to it. That china cabinet will always keep us together as a family. I can always look on the back and see their names. As for the other tea sets in the china cabinet ~ they were given to me over the years. I have put some of them on my blog. If you are wondering where I put the china cabinet ~ it is right where my brother and husband put it when they brought it to its new home. Katty-cornered in the living room. It matches my piano and furniture perfect so I just left it there. Just thought I would share that with you since it meant so much to me!


Jennifer said...

I love teapots and teacups!! You have a beautiful collection!!

RCUBEs said...

Special treasures worth keeping! Blessings to you.

Deborah said...

The tea set and cabinet are both beautiful! I'm so glad your siblings decided to have it come to you!
Now you've made me want to post a picture of the cabinet in our living room, along with my new vase collection from my parents!

Jennifer said...

I got my signature at Thanks for the comment on my blog:)