Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I have had this poem in my Bible since the 1980's. I think back then it was printed in The Sword of the Lord and I just put contact paper on it and stuck in in my Bible. The author of it is unknown.
Two gay young frogs from inland bogs,
Had spent their night in drinking.
As morning broke and they awoke,
While still their eyes were blinking,
A farmer's pall came to the swale,
And caught them quick as winking.
'Ere they could gather scattered senses,
Or breathe a prayer for past offenses,
That granger grand, that guiltless man,
Had dumped them in the milkman's can.
They quickly find their breath will stop
Unless they swim upon the top.
They swim for life, they kick and swim
Until their weary eyes grow dim.
Their muscles ache, their breath grows short,
And gasping, speaks one weary sport,
"Say, old dear, I've had enough of life, no more
I'll try it. Sweet milk is not my diet."
"Tut tut, my lad," the other cries,
A frog's not dead until he dies.
Let's keep on kicking, that's my plan.
We yet may see outside this can."
"No use, no use," faint heart replies.,
Turns up his toes and gently dies.
Now the brave frog, undaunted still,
Kept kicking with a right good will,
Until with joy too great to utter
He found he's churned a pound of butter.
And climbing upon this hunk of grease,
He floated to town with greatest ease.
Now the moral to the story is this:
When in your Christian life you find
You're weary of the toilsome grind,
Don't get discouraged and go down,
But struggle on, no murmur utter,
A few more kicks may bring the butter.


Deborah said...

I've heard a similar story but this version was so much better. Thanks for posting it. I sure hope the milk turns to butter soon, I'm getting tired of kicking!

HOPE said...

I too have heard this one...

Keep kicking up the TRUTH!!!


Samantha said...

Such a great story, nice post !I have never heard this before.
~ Blessings to you dear friend.

Dani Joy said...

Until with joy too great to utter!

I love this line!!
We are gonna make butter!! We are gonna keep on kickin!!!

What a cute poem!

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MommaMia said...

I was sitting at my desk today and missing my grandfather who has been gone a year this past August 3rd. He was a one-in-ten-billion man of God who spoke wisdom in nearly every breath.

A pastor for 60+ years, he took up poem memorization and often shared these jewels with us, his grandchildren.

As I sit at my desk reading over the words of "Keep Kicking" I can hear my grandfather reciting each phrase, his rhythmic tones entrancing us all as we gaze up at him in admiration. Tears roll down my face as I think of how blessed I am to have been given the opportunity to be loved and taught by him.

I miss my Daddy B and cannot wait to see him when I get called home.

Thank you for posting this!

Dennis Johnson said...

Looked for 20 yrs for this poem featured in Scorsese film "Catch Me If U Can" spoken by Decaprio as mice prayer.

Anonymous said...

I stated its been 20 yrs I have been looking for this poem. Rethinking, may have been twice that. Anyway, thanks so much for the poem post. May God bless you for this post & everything you do!

DIANNE said...

My mother recited that poem so many times and today as I was walking to the barn, I heard her reciting it (she died in 1991). I often recite it when I am alone and it just came to me so plain today, so I tried to look for it. I remember my uncle wanting the words and now he too has passed but we (their children) even at 75 will be able to say the wonderful words. Thanks again, you have made me a happy day, even though my husband is not well. WOW!

Anonymous said...

This great old poem has a special place in my heart. My dad used to recite it to us kids. He learned it in school, and knew every word until the day he died. I have to say that he lived by it!

His mother recited poems till the day she passed away too. It amazed me that they remembered this poetry for so long. I memorized part of this poem, and my sister memorized it all. Sadly, she committed suicide in 2015.

They are all gone now, but this wonderful memory of this poem lives on! I absolutely love it, and I'm glad that it lingers on. I would love to know who wrote it!

Thanks for sharing this piece of nostalgia and a big hunk of my heart! My mother, sister and I have all written poetry. I should share some of it here.

God Bless!