Monday, March 16, 2009


I MUST TELL JESUS ~Elisha A. Hoffman ~ 1839-1929 2 Timothy 4:17 "The Lord stood by me and Strengthened me." O help me Lord to take the time To set aside all else That in the secret place of prayer I may with you abide. One of the loneiliest feelings we can have come when we face a time of need without having one trusted friend in whom to confide. Elisha A Hoffman, author and composer of more than 2,000 songs gives the following account of this well-beloved hymn. During a pastorate in Lebanon, PA. there was a woman whom God permitted many visitations of sorrow and affliction. As I was coming to her home one day, I found her much discouraged. She unburdened her heart, concluding with the question, "Bro Hoffman, what shall I do?" I quoted from the Word, then added,"You cannot do better than to take all of your sorrows to Jesus! You must tell Jesus! For a moment she seemed lost in meditation~then her eyes lighted up as she excalimed, "Yes. I must tell Jesus." As I left her home I had a vision of that joy-illuminated face. All I heard all along my pathway the echo, I must tell Jesus, I must tell Jesus." Bro. Hoofman quickly wrote the words and soon completed the music as well. Since it's publication in 1894 this hymn has reminded many believers that they have a heavenly Friend who is always available to hear and help.
I must tell Jesus all of my trials
I cannot bear these burdens alone.
In my distress He kindly will help me,
He ever loves and cares for His own.
I must tell Jesus all of my troubles
He is a kind compassionate Friend,
If I but ask Him, he will deliver
Make of my troubles quickly an end.
O how the world to evil allures me,
O how my heart is tempted to sin!
I must tell Jesus and He will help me
Over the world the vict'ry win.
I must tell Jesus, I must tell Jesus!
I cannot bear these burdens alone.
I must tell Jesus , I must tell Jesus,
Jesus can help me! Jesus alone!
Determine to go to Jesus with all your concern, temptations, and trials that may arise. He's the best Friend anyone can have. If you are hurting, your heart breaking, seemingly all is going in reverse, find a place of prayer and unload your soul on Him. He will not fail you, I can promise.


Dani Joy said...

How beautiful! This is among the first that we taught our boys. If anytime Mommy and Daddy can´t be there or if anything goes wrong we are praying they will learn to Tell Jesus. I love this song!
I love this post!
Thank you dear sister!
May you have a wonderful day in Him.

Cathy said...

Thanks for that beautiful song, dear.

Seeking Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Thank you for visiting my site. It is a joy to read what you have to share about Jesus also.
It is strange that often we speak to our earthly friends before we talk to Jesus first. I love my time in prayer. My home is very busy and I know when all is quiet I can then talk to the Lord. I love that special time with my Savior. I will pray for you and your mother. I understand what you are going through; a nursing home for a parent is a tough decision. God bless you and keep you in His gentle care.

momstheword said...

Lovely post. Thank you for reminding us that He is the best Friend we will ever have!

I think we need to continue to ask ourselves who do we talk to first when troubles come...our friends/family or the Lord?

I will be praying for your mom and for this difficult adjustment. I know how difficult it is. My dad had to be in a rehab facility for months (and then a hospital).

It is hard but sometimes you clearly have no choice.

Pilar Stark said...

Aliene, the dollar is worth 1.25 per euro,which is not bad considering it was 1.60 not too long ago. Us missionaries were really hurting. Praise the Lord is more stable now and about the same range we were counting with when we were on deputation raising support.

The Real Gal said...

This hymn is very timely. Thank you so much for posting it Aliene. Jesus is really the answer one must remember! Blessings!